Information Request regarding Council Vehicle Fleet

The request was successful.

Dear South Norfolk District Council,

I'd be grateful if you can provide me with the following information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

1. A list of vehicles owned or leased to the council. Please include; registration mark, fleet number (if used), make & model and body type.

2. Identify which vehicles are owned and which are leased.

3. Name, position and email address of the staff responsible for these vehicles.

4. The estimated amount of spend (£) on diesel/petrol per annum and the cost split between owned and leased vehicles.

I trust all is in order and thank you in advance for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Leigh Everington

Right2Know, South Norfolk District Council

SUBJECT: PLEASE READ: acknowledgement / response to your request



Thank you for your request. We have to respond to Freedom of Information
Act (FOIA) requests within 20 working days and as soon as is reasonably
practicable. You will therefore hear back from us as soon as possible.


However, please note that if your request relates to the following, this
email acts as a response to your request and you will not receive further
correspondence from us.



Information relating to Norfolk County Council:


If your request relates to any of the following, you should refer your
request to  [1][email address] , as the County
Council is responsible for these services:


·      Roads and Transport – potholes, road safety

·      Education and Learning - schools

·      Care, support and health – adult social care, blue badges

·      Children and Families – adoption

·      Libraries, local history and archives

·      Trading Standards


Information that is published on our website:


If your request relates to the following information, I should advise that
this information is exempt under Section 21 (1) of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000, as the information is reasonably accessible via our
website: [2]


·      Council Budgets - refer to our Budget Books
·      Contracts - refer to the Council’s Contract
·      Business Rates - refer to details about all Business
Rate accounts
·      Staff - refer to the Senior Structure Chart
·      Money spent - refer to data relating to spending
over £250
·      National Assistance Funerals - refer to our list of funerals, inc.


In accordance with the FOIA this email acts as a Refusal Notice.  In terms
of the exemption, you have a right of appeal against our decision.  In the
first instance this appeal must be internal, and you can email
[3][South Norfolk District Council request email]  to request a review.


Please do not reply to this message - replies to this message are routed
to an unmonitored mailbox.


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1. mailto:[email address]
3. mailto:[South Norfolk District Council request email]

Right2Know, South Norfolk District Council

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Dear Leigh

I refer to your Freedom of Information request to which I am now in a position to respond on behalf of South Norfolk Council. My response is outlined below along with your questions for ease of reference. The fuel cost for Calendar Year 2019 is £566,461 including VAT.

I hope this is of assistance and is sufficient to meet your requirements, but if, for whatever reason you wish to get back to me, please feel free to do so. In particular if you are unhappy with the information provided or how your request was handled please let me know and I will explain how you can request an internal review of our decision.

Please quote SFOI 20-65 in any further correspondence concerning this request.


Emma Goddard
Senior Governance Officer
t 01508 533943 e [email address]

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