Information relating to the recycling of vaping products

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Dear Manchester City Council,

We are conducting some research on behalf of the UKVIA into:

• Investment in vape recycling facilities and services by local authorities

• Vape recycling awareness and education activities aimed at users

We are particularly interested in understanding the following from you. If the information is not available for all years listed, please provide for years you can.

In your response, please can you also confirm whether we have permission to reuse the information for reporting purposes and for educational purposes as a part of an online resource.

1. How much have you invested in recycling capabilities for vaping products during the years:
- 2021
- 2022
- 2023 (up until August)

2. Have you implemented any dedicated waste management capabilities for vaping products – particularly for disposable vapes - since 2021?
- Yes, please specify
- No

3. Where do you offer vape waste recycling facilities?
- Tip yes/no
- Public places yes/no
- Kerbside collections/household waste collections yes/no
- Other, please specify

4. If at your public waste tip, is this:
- A dedicated vape waste facility?
- A mixed electrical vape waste facility?

5. If in public places, where have you located such recycling facilities?
- High street
- Parks
- Council owned buildings
- Other, please specify

6. If kerbside/household recycling when was this service introduced?
- Before 2020
- 2020
- 2021
- 2022
- 2023

7. Have you got plans to invest in new vape recycling facilities within the next 12 months?
- Yes, please specify
- No

8. What activities have you done to raise awareness amongst vapers on how to recycle their vapes?
- information on the council website
- advertising in the media
- out of home advertising (eg billboards)
- social media promotions via the councils own social media channels
- email marketing
- stories via the mainstream media
- direct mail
- none of the above

9. Which waste category did Manchester council waste management facilities and recycling services process the most of in the below years? Does this category include vapes?
- 2021
- 2022
- 2023 (up until August)

10. Have you requested any additional government funding to deal with vape waste and recycling demands? If so, how much has it received?

11. Have you been in contact with local vape businesses to offer guidance or information on environmental obligations?

12. What was the prevalence of smoking among adults in Manchester during the years:
- 2021
- 2022
- 2023 (up until August)

13. Has Manchester council spoken out for or against a ban on disposable vapes on environmental grounds? If not, does it have a position?

14. What would you like to see vape businesses do to address environmental challenges and help lighten the load for waste management and recycling facilities i.e., use more sustainable materials?

Yours faithfully,
Jordan Millar, Manchester City Council

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Recycling of vaping products

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Dear [email address],

Please ignore my request regarding information on vape recycling. An incomplete version was sent through. I will resubmit the correct request separately.

Yours sincerely,

Jordan Millar