Dear Ministry of Defence,

My place of work has recently purchased a front loader which is exactly military.

I would like to request any information which you may hold on this vehicle. Below I shall list the details and codes I have obtained from said vehicle.

Pictures of military numbering, information plates etc available upon request.

Tractor Wheeled Mounted, Medium, Case 721 CX1
Manufacturer: Case United kingdom Ltd
Type: 721 CXT
Reg: UG40AA
Serial Number: JEE 0125014
CON No: ELWS 1A/14 Dated 14 Jun 2000
CES No: 2420-G-501-741
JC 7744 3205
NSN: 2420-99-908--5889

On the left handside front, It appears that military numbers were painted on but at some point have been painted over. The cover paint has since been removed exposing some white lettering which reads:


Yours faithfully,
Mark Kavanagh on behalf of Hannah Scott, Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mark Kavanagh,

Please find attached our response to your recent enquiry.


Hannah Scott