Information on surgery performed in 1957

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RE: Avril Martin DOB 10/0/6/1957- Mother Margaret Rose Martin -
Father - Joseph Henry Bland Martin.

My name is Avril Clark - Formally AVRIL MARTIN. I was born in Glasgow 10th June 1957 at home but as I was born with a health problem, my mother Margaret Rose Martin told me Dr Pat Cassidy attended our home and had me sent to hospital.
It seems I had double organs in the abdominal area. Now from what my mum told me I went to York Hill hospital in Glasgow where I had life-saving surgery. I believe this surgery was a first at the hospital. Unfortunately my mum has dementia and cannot give me all the details. My family moved to Australia in 1967. I do hope you can assist me with accessing information relating to the corrective surgery I had as a teenager.

Avril Clark (nee Martin)
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