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Dear Leeds City Council,

Please can you give me some information on LeedsWatch who control Leeds CCTV on behalf of the council.

1. Is 'LeedsWatch' entirely run by the council, or is it a Private contract?

2. If it is a private contract, what is the name and business address of the contracted company?

3. How long have LeedsWatch been in existence?

4. I believe 'Safer Leeds Officers' are employed by LeedsWatch, could you tell me...

A) How many officers they employ?
B) what locations do they work in?
C) What is their role / duties / job description?
D) What, if any, powers do they have, ie ,can they 'detain' people, issue fines etc?
E) how many vehicles do they have?
F) What is the anunal budget for 'Safer Leeds Officers'?

5. Do you keep data on how many times footage shot by the LeedsWatch CCTV system, has been used in securing criminal convictions?

Yours faithfully,

William Hicks

DPFOI, Leeds City Council

Thank you for contacting the Leeds City Council Information Management &
Governance Requests team. We confirm that we have received your
If you have submitted a Freedom of Information or Environmental
Information Regulation request- we will respond to your request in
accordance with the appropriate legislation within 20 working days. While
you wait, you may wish to check information published by the Council on
the [1]Data Mill North to see if the information you have requested is
already available.
If you have submitted an access to information request or other
information rights request- we will respond to your request in accordance
with the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. Please note in order to
process your request, we require confirmation of your identity via a
copy of one of the following forms:

o Driving Licence
o Passport
o Birth Certificate
o Council Tax bill
o Utility bill 


If we require further information from you before we are able to process
your request we will contact you directly to request this.  If you would
like more information on how Leeds City Council process these types of
requests, information is available on our [2]website  


If you are a healthcare or social work professional, or a member of the
police force making a request for disclosure of information for the
purpose of safeguarding or the prevention, investigation, detection or
prosecution of criminal offences – we will respond to your request as soon
as possible. Please note we are currently only able to offer viewings of
records on a Tuesday or a Thursday.


For all other queries – we will look into your request and respond as


For information about what we do with personal data please see our
[3]privacy notice.
Yours sincerely
Information Management & Governance – Requests Team



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