Dear Broadland District Council,
Could you please furnish me with the following information;
a) the number of benefits paid to people residing on Park Holidays Broadland Sands Caravan Park and b) the various types of benefit.
Obviously not names or addresses.
In theory there should be nothing on your records as these are strictly holiday only sites

Yours faithfully,

Carole Keeble

Broadland District Council

Thank you for your email. This response has been automatically generated to acknowledge receipt of your FOI request.

We will reply to you within the next 20 working days.

Please do not reply to this message - replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox.

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Freedom of Information, Broadland District Council

Further to your FOI below.

We do not have any claimants at this address.

I trust this response will meet your purposes but if, for whatever reason, you wish to get back to me please feel free to do so. In particular if you are unhappy with the information provided or how your request was handled please make contact and I will explain how you can make a complaint either to the Council or to the Information Commissioner.


Helen Cowles
Service Improvement Officer
Broadland District Council

Tel: 01603 430615
[email address]

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