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Information on agreements made with Sea Org (Corp) ,the Mormons,Church of Scientology to preserve the Reputation of the M.O.D

Alexander Dobre made this Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Defence Police

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Alexander Dobre

Dear Ministry of Defence Police,

Public Lobby (c/o Mr A Dobre i)s interested in any documents relating to

Agreements with Sea Org (corp) whereby the M.O.D has made agreements on the basis of individuals (Individual members )or the organisations ability or intention to harm the reputation of the United Kingdom ,it’s officials and complaints bodies including subordinate organisations, complaints bodies such as the General Medical Council or The Royal College of Psychiatry and the M.O.D which include any criminal motives drawn to destroy justice to hold prisoners or to create situations whereby military or other police and complaints bodies make nuisance of the United Kingdom and its purposes .

Acts such as enforced acts of crime by police ,compelling minors to participate in acts of a non combat nature during peacetime with the authority of a country and or its complaints bodies ,and legal bar . Acts in relation to “Racial and Social Biology “, Social biology and evolution , mental ,social and biological hygiene , non lethal RF emissions ,Directed energy weaponry , superfluous and unnecessary suffering represented as not tangible as a practice of police to the victim role modelled by the m.o.d and or Sea corp (.org) are appreciated also . This does not exclude anything related to the UK cease trade with South Africa ,acts of race and population within the international community by South Africa and aspects around their re admission into the United Nations in 1994 and other purposes than the freedom of people’s within South Africa who were victims of apartheid (a form of racial and social biology).

The war convention and the human rights act are the most central documents in the world from which all laws are drawn on perception ,behaviour , consciousness ,conscience ,intuition ,individuality , the “inalienable “right to such manifestation of identity and pursuit of freedom granted to every human being which do not exclude the rights of British and other people’s to forfeit wealth and or property for religion ,political or commune based (distinct or so called separate societies within the human family with distinct “rules agreements and motives (non conformity or organised anarchy and so on ) Specifically where the United Kingdom has been forced to be negligent because of members within such organisations corporate, and or considerable religious the organisations have not been able to discipline ,or political ideologies are informations which would be helpful with intervention against liabilities of the organisation and additionally are discouraged from disciplining it’s most delinquent members undermining the intelligence of other human person(s) for selfish purposes ,or for purposes which provide social status to other persons at the expense of distinct reputation on the basis of civilian or political food chain values which specifically refer to acts represented as not real only to the victim(s) in practice of the country due to the commune type organisations failure have internal remedies in light of their situation.

The request also is relative to the “International
Guidelines for Consumer Protection “ in relation license violations with relation the constants or distinct proximities to customers as a part of the businesses’ complicated politics including telecommunications hijacking , and influencing businesses to be unable to provide services within contract terms thereby violating contract at consumer cost ,also rendering the UK Non compliant with The United Nations Consumer Protection Guidelines .


This does not exclude the county of Norfolk ,Anglian water ,British Telecom ,the county of Wiltshire ,Suffolk ,Essex and Norfolk .

Yours faithfully,


CIO-FOI (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence Police

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Dear Mr Dobre,


Please see attached reply to your request for information




Information Rights team

Ministry of Defence



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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Alexander Dobre please sign in and let everyone know.