Information of Porton Down Staff 89/90

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Dear Ministry of Defence,

Do you hold the information surrounding which Porton Down personnel that developed the Anthax vaccine using the U.S formula in 1990/91 for use on our troops in the gulf war?

Also the personnel at Porton Down that were experimenting with different strains of Anthrax with different adjuvants including pertusis in 1989 ?

And finally it is also stated in MOD data that a 'Run of experimental whooping cough vaccine' would have to be delayed in 1990 to be able to develope the Anthrax. The personnel involved in this.

We assume they would be the same staff during 89/90. However we are not requesting for the release of any personal data of these staff. However we may attempt to subpoena these people into the Court Arena at some stage in the near future, as obviously you cannot supply any data surrounding the said vaccines. Seems to have conveniently gone missing. Have the staff from that period gone missing too?

The number of staff on each ?

Hopefully subpoenas will not be required if we can actually start getting some information.

The new government policy is Uniting and Levelling Up, has MOD not received the memo yet?


gavin roberts

Dstl FOI,

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Dear Mr Roberts,

Please see attached our response to your FOI request.

Dstl Secretariat

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Dear Dstl FOI,

Thankyou for your response, the MOD has a Duty of Csre to do everything possible in the interest of its troops and their future health. If MOD has lost all this data since apparantly carrying out an internal investigation on itself with the main lesson learned was to stop losing data is nothing short of corruption.

To trace the staff that were working on the vaccines, let's start with data surrounding the so titled 'Vaccine Interaction research in 2005/2006. The staff working on that would have had to at least have sight of the vaccine development data to be able to at least try and replicate it 15 years later. So the staff from this study. MOD still have their data or was this also filed in the trash?

Do MOD realise this is still a live case? Veterans are still sick, the U.S are carrying out treatment research! All this information is required to be at hand! 'Duty of Care'. We know Donald Davies was the supposed ' Independant' involved. You have the data of the others? How many others carried out that study? You still have their names on file? We need to know how many we are going to require a subpoena


gavin roberts

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Dear Mr Roberts,

With apologies for the delay in responding to you, please find attached
response to some of your recent FOI requests to the Ministry of Defence.




Defence People Secretariat