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Alex Hansen made this Freedom of Information request to Surrey County Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Surrey County Council,

I hope this request finds you well. All questions are related to people with disabilities, learning disabilities, autism and/or acquired brain injuries - adults only. Furthermore, all questions relate to provision of domiciliary and residential care without nursing.

1. What is the Council's yearly spend (£) on adult social care? Preferably broken down into adults with learning disabilities, adults with autism and adults with physical disabilities.
2. How many adults with disabilities and/or learning disabilities (including autism and acquired brain injuries) does the Council currently support (residential and domiciliary), and how does the Council expect this to change (increase/decrease)?
3. How many adults with learning disabilities living residential care want to leave residential care?
4. What is the number of adults with disabilities currently in long-term/institutional care - and how does the Council expect this number to change (increase/decrease).
5. How many adults with disabilities does the Council support out of county?
6. Who is/are the commissioner(s) for this group of people and what are their contact details?
7. What is the average rate (£) paid by the Council to providers of care (without nursing)?
8. Does the Council operate with Frameworks or individual tenders per service for care of individuals? If Frameworks, when will the next framework entrance open for provision of care?
9. Do you have a list of providers commissioned to deliver support and who is on that list?
10. Where can I find official and published reports about the strategic planning, short and long-term goal of the council? This is in order to better understand how the Council intends to position itself on a 3-10 year basis.
11. Who are your Direct Payment broker(s) and what are their contact details?
12. What Existing Provider Forums does the Council use to communicate with providers?
13. What are your current gaps in your service provision that you are unable to fill?
14. How do you commission accommodation for adults with disabilities?
15. When does the Council expect to publish their next Market Position Statement?

Yours faithfully,

Alex Hansen

FOI/COR/SCC, Surrey County Council

Dear Mr Hansen


Thank you for your request for information received on the 27 April 2018. Your request reference is as above.

We will respond to your request promptly and in any event within 20 working days from the date of receipt of your request. If you wish to contact me to discuss the progress of your request, please use the contact details given below and quote the reference number given above.  


Helen Gilbert
Commons Registration Officer
Legal, Democratic & Cultural Services
(Mon - Thurs 9am to 3pm)

Corporate Information Governance Team (Room 138) |  Democratic Services  | Surrey County Council | County Hall | Penrhyn Road | Kingston upon Thames | Surrey | KT1 2DN
Tel: 020 8541 8935 | Email: [email address] | GCSx email for [OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE]: [email address]

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Adults Information Governance - Secure,

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Dear Mr Hansen,


Please find attached our response to your recent request with our team.


Many thanks



Information Governance Team
Adult Social Care Directorate
Surrey County Council
Millmead House
Guildford GU2 4BB

Tel: 01483 517 679
Secure email: [email address]


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