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Martin Jones made this Freedom of Information request to London North Eastern Railway Limited

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The request was successful.

Dear London North Eastern Railway Limited,

After viewing several guidance documents provided by ATOC, I would like to request the following pieces of information, which, according to the guidelines, you should hold.

The following pieces of information are mentioned in: .
The page numbers, sections and figures shown are provided to assist you with finding the information that I am requesting.
Any guidelines issued to staff with regards compliance with Section 1.3 - Information during disruption (pages 12-14)
Ticket Acceptance Policy (page 14)
List of alternative routes (page 16)
Do Not Travel policy (page 18)
Declassification of First Class policy (page 19)
Templates of service update posters (Fig. 35 – page 55)
Apology posters following major disruption (Fig. 36 - page 55/56)
Safety information posters/labels (Fig. 44 – page 72)
List of principal stations (Section 4.2 – page 72)
List of announcements (Fig. 45 – page 73)
Full Emergency Announcement guidelines (page 1.26 of South West Trains' document is shown in Fig. 46 – page 76)

The following pieces of information are referred to in: .
Again, I have provided the figures and page numbers that identify the information I am requesting to allow you to better understand my request.
Process Maps for the cancellation of a train (Figs. 3-6 – pages 30-33)
Emergency timetable principles (Fig. 14 – page 49)

Yours faithfully,

Martin Jones

FOI, London North Eastern Railway Limited

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Dear Mr Jones,

Please see attached for our response to your request for information

Kind regards

Abigail Coates


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