Information about the connection between the allotments strategy and nuns moor allotments

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Dear Newcastle upon Tyne City Council,

The Council's allotment strategy (URL below) refers to 62 allotment sites - this is as part of target 3, which states:
The City Council will undertake to protect Newcastle’s existing 62 allotment sites. This will
necessitate negotiation with the Freemen of an embargo upon loss of further sites, the re-provision of allotments at Denton Bank and significant progress towards the re-designation of sites from temporary to statutory status.
The relevant URL is provided below.

I would like to know:
- if the former Nuns Moor allotment site is included within those 62 sites
- what negotiations have taken place with the Freemen and if these were successful
- if any sites were redesignated from temporary to statutory status.

Many thanks,


Freedom Of Information Requests Mailbox, Newcastle upon Tyne City Council

Dear David

Please see the extract from the Freedom of Information Act below showing the requirement to supply us with a full name.

“Recognising a Request made under the Freedom of Information Act (Section 8) 25. Any variation of the requester’s title or first name combined with their surname (e.g. Mr Smith or John Smith) will be sufficient to meet this requirement. However, a first name or surname provided in isolation, or a set of initials, will not”.

Thank you
Freedom of Information team

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