Information about quashed inspector decisions on definitive map modification orders.

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Dear Planning Inspectorate,

Please provide the following information in respect of definitive map modification orders made in accordance with the provisions of s.53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Since the procedure laid down in s. 53 came into force, how many decisions by inspectors relating to objected orders have been subsequently quashed by order of the courts. In respect of all quashed decisions, please supply the name of the order making authority, the date of the decision and the Planning Inspectorate reference number.

Yours faithfully,

John Andrews

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Dear Mr Andrews


Thank you for your e-mail, requesting information on definitive map
modification order (DMMO) decisions by Inspectors that were subsequently
quashed in the Courts.


I should start by explaining that the Department for the Environment, Food
and Rural Affairs (Defra) administer the defence of High Court challenges
against DMMO decisions. This is because Inspectors are appointed by the
Secretary of State for the Environment, and act on her behalf when making
decisions. The Planning Inspectorate is only involved as an ‘interested
party’ and hence, it is not the primary information holder. There is no
statutory requirement for the Inspectorate to hold complete records with
respect to challenges (we retain case files for one year and order
decisions for 5 years). You may therefore decide to contact Defra


Notwithstanding this, the attached table sets out all of the information
that we are holding in relation to your request; the order making
authorities, decision dates and reference numbers for quashed DMMO
decisions. For the reasons above, we cannot guarantee that this is a
complete record (as you will see, we are no longer holding the decision
date in many cases).


I hope this is helpful. A copy of our information request review
procedures is also attached.




Yours sincerely



Bob Palmer


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Planning Inspectorate

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