Information about medical and environmental policy related to defence or expansion of empire.

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Dear Ministry of Defence,

It occurred to me about 4 years ago that diagnosed diseases were fictitious and a little over 2 years ago that there was gassing in public places such as the underground.

Magnification is reflection, which is limited in terms of clarity because you are stretching the original and in terms of possible theoretical enlargement within the microscope because the difference between the size of the slide sample and the aperture is not that great, and even if you could illuminate the microscope so that a speck on the close slide were reflected to the size of the lens (the shape of the lens would not do it) and the re-reflected image - ie, we view as if we were seeing the image directly because it is first reflected and then reflected within the lens - were not smaller (which it would be), it would still too stretched to view a clear image. Basically, since cameras blur at relatively low magnification and since telescopes view objects far, or relatively far, away, why would a microscope be any different? I am not a scientist but if you were not aware of this you could speak to a microscope maker or, for example, optometrist.

The gassing (and 'climate change') I assume you are aware of but I don't know if it has anything to do with public safety in terms of disease.

In what sense could such information be withheld because of national security?

Yours faithfully,

Louisa Churchill Orrock

CIO-FOI (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Ms Orrock,


Please see attached.




Yours sincerely



MOD Information Rights Team





CIO-FOI (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Ms Orrock,


Please see the attached for the Ministry of Defence’s response to your
Freedom of Information request.



Yours Sincerely,


MOD Information Rights team

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