Information about combined public sewer on First Avenue

J. Snoalv made this Environmental Information Regulations request to South West Water Limited
You only have a right in law to access information about the environment from this authority

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The request was successful.

Dear South West Water Limited,

I am interested in the combined public sewers running beneath First Avenue, Hevitree, Exeter, and adjacent properties. I beleive that there might be two combined public sewers running SW to NE beneath the southern section of this road, and if this is correct then South West Water would presumably be the undertaker of these sewers.

Please can you supply me with the following information:

(1) Is there a publically available map indicating the location of these sewers on First Avenue? If so, please could you provide me with a URL of these maps?

(2) Assuming that these maps exist, can you estimate the likely accuracy of the horizontal positions of the sewers as indicated on this map?

(3) What is the diameter of these public combined sewers?

(4) Are the depths of these sewers below the ground sruface known?

(5) Are there any records of the condition of these public combined sewers?

Yours faithfully,
J. Snoalv

Brewer, Zoe,

Hi Fran

I'd say that you don't strictly have to treat this as an EIR but the info they are requesting is environmental info. They have asked for condition reports also, which is something SWW ought to consider providing under the Regulations.

They seem to want to pin point the exact location of the sewer for some reason.



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Finance and Regulatory, South West Water Limited

Dear J Snoalv
Thank you for your request for information received 16^th April 2018.
We are treating this request as a formal request under the Environmental
Information Regulations (2004) and will therefore respond to you within 20
working days from receipt of the request, as prescribed in the
Kind regards
South West Water, Peninsula House, Rydon Lane, Exeter EX2 7HR

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Finance and Regulatory, South West Water Limited

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Dear J Snoalv


Please find attached a response from SWW to your Environmental Information
Regulations request received 16^th April 2018.



With best regards


South West Water


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