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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I would like to request some information about claiming JSA NI Contributions.

IF I was to make a claim for Job Seekers, and i was to only receive my NI Contributions paid and actually receive no payments.

1 - How would i be expected to use the phone to call employers? (Im sure i would need money to actually make a phone call?) I understand the phones inside the job centre can be used, but again in i am not mistaken they do not let you call mobile phones or 0845/0870 numbers on which a lot of employers operate from? But then whilst i am on this subject, How would i be expected to make a 3 mile trip to my nearest job centre to use the phones as if i do not receive money i can not fund the bus fair to make these calls?

2 - Again with most employers they want a CV sending through to them online. so for arguments sake if i had 14 steps to take for work and i had to use a computer. lets say i could write a cover letter and fill in the online application i could maybe do 1 or at most 2 in a hour. so where i live you can get free internet access for 1 hour per day after that you need to pay to use the internet, so as we have established if i can not call employers because i have no money to fund phone calls, How would i fund using the internet?

3 - If i do not actually have a Passport or FULL birth certificate how would i be expected to start work? as we have established so far i would receive no money whatsoever from DWP How would i be able to get a Passport or Birth certificate to enable me to start work? As i am sure you would need to produce one of these to an employer to start work?

With all of the above stated could you please provide to me information on WHY and HOW i would be 'sanctioned' for not taking the correct steps into work?

Yours faithfully,

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are daniel please sign in and let everyone know.