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Donnie Mackenzie made this Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Defence

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Ministry of Defence did not have the information requested.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I would like to request the following under Freedom of Information legislation:

Can you tell me whether as part of Information Operations or any other type of operation in the UK, the MOD in any of it's forms like the DTIO/TIO or related bodies makes requests upon any websites (the owners and/or those involved with running or providing any information for them) to add to or in any way edit their content?

Can you tell me whether as part of Information Operations or any other type of operation in the UK, the MOD in any of it's forms like the DTIO/TIO or related bodies makes requests upon any advertisers to add to or in any way edit their content?

Can you tell me whether as part of Information Operations or any other type of operation in the UK, the MOD in any of it's forms like the DTIO/TIO or related bodies would supply information or other material intended for news which is not specifically discussing British military matters?

Can you tell me whether there are lists of the different websites/advertisers which have been contacted?

If you can, could you please disclose these lists? If details are kept of compliance or non compliance with requests, could you please include this information also?

A prompt response with the legal guidelines would certainly be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Donnie Mackenzie

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Again I have not recieved any response to a request. This has been over a month now. Please could pass this to the appropriate team and respond?

Yours faithfully,

Donnie Mackenzie


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Dear Mr Mackenzie,


Please see the attached for the MOD’s response to your request. This was
sent on 6 November 2012.



Yours Sincerely,


FOI Team.




This is the wrong response to the request.

Please could you provide the appropriate response which addresses each question individually and specifically?

Yours sincerely,

Donnie Mackenzie


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Dear Mr Mackenzie,


The Information Commissioner has alerted us to the fact that the
Department’s response sent to the ‘What Do They Know’ website on 20
December 2012 in response to your request of the 23 November 2012 does not
appear on the website.  Although you had advised us of this, in trying to
remedy the situation, a response to a different request from you (on a
similar subject) was uploaded to the website in error. I now attach the
correct response.   


I apologise that you have had to wait so long for this reply.


Yours faithfully


MOD Information Rights Team  



From: DMC-Parliamentary Business (MULTIUSER)
Sent: 20 December 2012 15:51
To: '[FOI #139625 email]'
Subject: Release-authorised: RE: Request for information under FOI


Dear Mr Mackenzie,


Please find attached a response to your recent request under the Freedom
of Information Act.


Best regards,


DMC Parliamentary Business

+44 (0)20 7218 9000

MOD Main Building | Whitehall | London | SW1A 2HB 
Ministry of Defence  Directorate Media & Communications (Head Office)



Thank you for the response recieved 28th October 2013.

I note that despite my asking for explicit answers to specific questions you opted to provide a similar generic response as was done elsewhere.

In my initial request on 23rd November 2012 I asked whether the DTIO/TIO or other MOD departments made requests to advertisers and/or websites to edit their content.

I asked if there were relevant lists of such websites and/or advertisers and requested disclosure.

I also asked if details were kept of compliance/non-compliance and whether such information could be released.

In your recent response, you provided the following key points:

-Information is held within the scope of my request

-The Directorate of Media and Communication (DMC) is responsible for dealing with the media in the UK

-The RAF, Navy and Army all have communications officers in addition to this

-MOD is in daily contact with journalists, broadcasters and representatives of the media. You indicated this was wide ranging

-There is not a comprehensive list

My original request indicated that I was concerned with lists pertaining to the activities of Targeting and Information Operations, and also those specifically which detail non compliance.

The request didn't ask for a "comprehensive list" as you put it. The introduction of this term appears on the face of it to have been used to avoid being more specific about relevant information.

Information Operations documentation indicates that the Targeting process involves trying to pass the Psychological Warfare themes/messages through as many channels as possible. This is why I mentioned DTIO/TIO and records of non-compliance.

I also note that in response to the question on whether the MOD has provided stories of a non military nature that you stated that:

"it is not the MOD’s responsibility to do so for news items that are unrelated to the work of the Department or the Armed Forces."

One may easily argue that stories about matters other than the military are 'related' to the work of an MOD department simply because they do it as part of an operation. Eg. an Information Operation/Media Operation or other form of Information Warfare.

So this (and the other context) do not explicitly answer this question (or the others) I asked.

Due to the removed generalization, lack of specificity, and information not being provided, I would like to request an Internal Review.

Yours sincerely,

Donnie Mackenzie


Dear Mr Mackenzie,

Receipt is acknowledged of your request for an independent internal review of your request (Info Ops connections to Websites/Advertisers), our reference 26-11-2012-130010-010.

The Department's target for completing internal reviews is 20 working days and we therefore aim to complete the review and respond to you by 27 December 2013. While we are working hard to achieve this, in the interests of providing you with a realistic indication of when you should expect a response, I should advise that the majority are currently taking between 20 and 40 working days to complete.

The review will involve a full, independent reconsideration of the handling of the case as well as the final decision.

Yours sincerely,
MOD Information Rights Compliance Team

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Dear Mr MacKenzie,

Please see attached MOD's Internal Review response to your request, our
reference 26-11-2012-130010-010.

Ms Usha Sondhi
Ms Usha Sondhi | MOD Information Rights Compliance Team | CIO-SPP-IR
Comp2 | 01.N.10 MOD Main Building | Whitehall | London SW1A 2HB

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