Indian National visiting UK for 20 days - Driving regulations

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Dear Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency,

I am travelling to UK as a tourist and shall be in UK for close to 20 days.

Kindly clarify if I can drive around in UK on my valid Indian Driver License.

Awaiting your kind revert.

Yours faithfully,

Sunil Kumar

DVLA Contact Centre, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Dear Sunil Kumar,

Thank you for your enquiry received on 14/3/2019.
Your case reference number is 01331492.

We appreciate that you have taken the time to contact us in relation to
this matter.

The rules for driving in GB as a visitor depend on the type of licence you
currently hold:
You can drive cars and motorcycles shown on your driving licence for up to
12 months from when you last entered GB (as long as the driving licence
remains valid). 

If you also hold valid lorry and bus entitlement you can only drive these
vehicles if they have been registered outside of GB and temporarily

I trust this is of assistance to you.

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Best Regards
A Jones

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