Independent Medical Referees Guidance and Training materials 2017 to 2023

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Dear Department of Justice (Northern Ireland),

Please could I have the following documents relating to the Independent Medical Referees (IMRs) in the Ill Health retirement process between the years of 2017 - 2023:

1 All training/instructional materials supplied to or by the IMRs during the above time period

2 All guidance documents supplied to or used by the IMRs during the above time period

I note that there is two documents circulating on line relating to this part of the request. One documents is dated 2016 (Version 2) and the second is dated 2017 (version 3). The 2017 document has been updated with additional information and contains the terms as follows "This is the second version of this guidance and it is a living document which will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the legislation, policies, procedures and guidance. A copy of this guidance will be published on the NIPB's website."

The 2017 document is not published on the NIPB or the Department of Justice website. There is no mention of a number of recent judicial reviews in the current guidance document so therefore I am requesting the most up to date guidance document used by the Department of Justice Northern Ireland and the IMRs.

Yours faithfully,

David Kitely

DOJ FOI Mailbox, Department of Justice (Northern Ireland)

Good afternoon Mr Kitely,

unfortunately we need a short extension to complete your FOI request, we apologise and we hope to have a response with you by 7th May 2024.

Kind regards,


DoJ FOI Team
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DOJ FOI Mailbox, Department of Justice (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Sir

With reference to your FOI request, please see attached response.


DOJ Records & Information Team

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