Independence of Audit and/or Scrutiny Committee Chairs

Research for Action made this Freedom of Information request to Great Yarmouth Borough Council as part of a batch sent to 322 authorities Automatic anti-spam measures are in place for this older request. Please let us know if a further response is expected or if you are having trouble responding.

The request was partially successful.

Research for Action

Dear Great Yarmouth Borough Council,

The independence of scrutiny committees and audit committees has been identified in a number of Public Interest Reports as being an important factor in facilitating meaningful scrutiny and challenge within local authorities.

If your local authority doesn’t not have an overview and scrutiny system please answer the following in relation to the committee within your councils which has audit responsibilities.

If your local authority has an overview and scrutiny system please note that as audit committees are not formally treated as part of scrutiny it may be that they are treated differently in the council’s constitution and policies.

Please confirm whether you are responding to this request in relation to scrutiny committees and/or audit committees.

If your local authority has an overview and scrutiny committee system, please confirm how many committees (excluding audit) are part of that system?

Policy on Selection & Appointment of Committee Chairs: Please provide the council’s current policy on selection and appointment of scrutiny committee chairs and audit committee chairs. Please either copy and paste the section of council policy relating to the selection of scrutiny and audit committee chairs or provide a link and details of the section/sub-section within the document where we can locate this information.

Current Political Configuration of Committee Chairs/Conveners: Please provide a figure showing what percentage of current scrutiny and audit committee chairs (or conveners) are members of an opposition party to the main controlling party or controlling coalition.

Yours faithfully,
Megan Waugh
Research for Action

Freedom of Information, Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Thank you for your email. Your request has been passed to the Corporate
Services Team who will review your request and a response will be sent to
you within 20 Working Days.


Please note that this email has been automatically generated and should
not be replied to.


You can review our Freedom of Information Policy here :-


Kind Regards,


Corporate Services.

Freedom of Information, Great Yarmouth Borough Council

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Dear Meghan,


Independence of Audit and/or Scrutiny Committee Chairs



Your request for information has now been considered and I am not obliged
to supply the information you have requested. In accordance with the
Freedom of Information Act 2000 this letter acts as a Refusal Notice.


The exemption applied Section 21. This exemption applies because the
requested information can be found on the council website via the
following links here: [1]Great Yarmouth Borough Council's Constitution


[2]Scrutiny Committee - Great Yarmouth Borough Council


[3]Audit, Risk and Standards Committee - Great Yarmouth Borough Council


The answers supplied in response to your request are for your personal
use.  They are copyright of Great Yarmouth Borough Council and may not be
copied, distributed, published or exploited for commercial purposes or
financial gain without the explicit written consent of Great Yarmouth
Borough Council.


Should you have any queries regarding the information provided, please do
not hesitate to contact me.  You have the right of appeal through the
Council’s internal complaints procedure by setting out the ground of your
appeal in writing to me.


Kind regards,




Andrea Krout  
Democratic Services Officer  
Corporate Services 
Legal and Governance 
Great Yarmouth Borough Council 
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