Income and rules regarding Pavement licences

Currently waiting for a response from Kent County Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Kent County Council,
I would like to request information about pavement licences (licences issued to cafes etc so they can put tables and chairs on the pavements).

For the past 5 years (for the current year, to end May if possible) how much income has Kent County Council received from pavement licences issued to business owners - split by year and also by district/borough council.

Please provide the central government guidance/rules pertaining to pavement licences and how these have been applied in Kent.

Please provide the information that is given to licensees regarding the positioning of the tables/chairs on the pavements.

Please provide the guidance/rules regarding access rights to use the pavement, in particular, in circumstances where the road is used by vehicles and there are tables and chairs on the pavement with no clear path between them, and there are also pedestrians and mobility scooters using the pavement to pass the business with the pavement licence.

Yours faithfully,

James Hillier


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