Inclusion/Exclusion of French on Primary School Cirriculum

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Daniel Robert Tye

Dear Department for Education,

Up to the current date of 2nd January 2012, what a) decisions have been to include or exclude French from the National Curriculum of Primary schools and b) which organisations/charities/businesses/other interest groups have been consulted on these decisions.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Daniel Robert Tye

Department for Education

Dear Mr Tye,
Thank you for your email dated 02 January 2012 about Modern foreign
languages in the Curriculum.
I think it is very important that we attempt to raise attainment levels
for all students, which is why we are reforming our school system by
learning from the best-performing countries. In nearly every other
developed country in the world children are assessed in a range of core
academic subjects at 15 or 16. The risk of young people not studying a
language is that it can breed insularity. That is why we have introduced a
modern or ancient language as one of the academic subjects making up the
English Baccalaureate at GCSE level, along with English, maths, science
and history or geography. The English Baccalaureate will encourage more
young people to take a language at GCSE level and will lead to a
renaissance in language learning in our schools.

We are also considering the teaching of languages as part of our review of
the National Curriculum. We want the new National Curriculum to outline
the essential knowledge that young people need to take their place as
educated members of society, whilst allowing teachers to innovate and to
provide a rich educational experience that engages all of their pupils.
The review is considering, in particular, whether modern foreign languages
should continue to be a statutory part of the National Curriculum and if
so, at what key stages. We will be announcing proposals later this year,
following which there will be a period of public consultation. We would
warmly welcome any comments from you on our proposals, which will be
available on our website following the launch of the consultation.

Yours sincerely,

Paul McDonald
Curriculum Policy Division
[email address]

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Peter Bowyer left an annotation ()

I've marked this request as 'Partially Successful', although on reviewing the Authority's response, they've sent a letter from a policy advisor rather than attempted to retrieve the recorded information in the request. Not a very good response.

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