Incineration of radioactive waste

Committee on Radioactive Waste Management did not have the information requested.

keith Kondakor

Dear Committee on Radioactive Waste Management,

1) Please supply information held on the incineration of radioactive waste in the UK.
a) where waste incinerated
b) the tonnage burned
c) the type of material and level of activity.

2) Please supply any information held on future planing incineration of radioactive waste.

Yours faithfully,

Keith Kondakor

CoRWM WebsiteInquiries (DECC),

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Dear Keith

Thanks for your FoI request.

We are the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management and we scrutinise Governments 'Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Programme' and also the NDA programmes for implementing it.

The type of information you are requesting is outside of our remit and thus we do not hold it or have access to it. I have discussed with colleagues and concluded that the Environment Agency is the best organisation to contact - Dave Bennett is a good start.

They will know more about incineration of waste and have access to records that could answer your query.

All our documents are on our website and can be searched for. I attach the latest DRAFT of our annual report so you can get a feel for what we do.

Thank you

Tarsam Bains
CoRWM Secretariat
Area 3D,
3 Whitehall Place

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