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Dear Altrincham Grammar School for Girls,

For each year from 2014 - 2019, please provide data on the below:

1. How many year 7 pupils at another secondary school sat the entrance exam for AGGS for in-year admission?
3. How many of those year 7 pupils passed the entrance exam for in-year admission?
4. How many of those who passed the in-year exam were offered a place in year 7 or year 8?
5. What was the furthermost distance for in-year admission during years 7 or 8?

Yours faithfully,

Erika Simone

Owen, Ms. K,

Thank you for contacting Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, the school
is now closed for Half Term.


We acknowledge receipt of your email and it may be forwarded to the
appropriate member of staff, they will be in touch with a reply as soon
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School re-opens on Monday 3 June 2019



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Sullivan, Mrs. A,

I refer to your email dated 1 June.

Please see below for responses to your questions.

Alison Sullivan
Admissions Officer

Tel: 0161 912 5912
I usually work Monday to Thursday

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