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Dear Home Office,
A registered dentist can practice all aspects of dentistry (including dental therapist work) but cannot call him/herself a dental therapist as this is a protected title under the Dentists Act. But many overseas qualified Asian dentists who clear the exams in the UK having the restriction in working as a dentist under their dependent visa status says no dental or medical training and theses registered dentists illegally working in this country under the title Therapist which according to GDC which they can't work because of the protected title. Many of the dentist works illegally through agencies (cash in Hand).What action will be taken to these people which prevent many registered dental therapist/hygienist getting a job?

Yours faithfully,


NAT Feedback, Home Office

Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for your email dated 28^th August 2017. 


We take public reports of crime seriously. If you suspect that someone is
working illegally, has no right to be in the UK, is involved in smuggling
or is involve in other immigration crime, we want to hear from you.

You can report your suspicions in confidence using our reporting form.

Please complete as much of the form as you can, but do not worry if you
cannot answer all of the questions - and do not put yourself in danger by
trying to discover more information.

Any information that you provide will be handled in confidence. You can
give us your name and address and contact details if you wish, but you do
not need to do so.

Other reporting methods


Alternatively, you can:

•     contact Crimestoppers (online or by phone) anonymously

•     call the Customs Hotline about smuggling on 0800 595 000

•     contact the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321 or

•     dial 999 in an emergency


Detailed information how you can report suspected immigration crime (such
as illegal immigration or illegally employing foreign workers), smuggling
or terrorism can be found on the Home Office website at:






Immigration Intelligence, Home Office





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