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Frank Black made this Freedom of Information request to Blackpool Borough Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Blackpool Borough Council,

Please could you answer the following questions with regards to the
closure of the Independent Living Fund.

1) Will you be ring fencing the ILF money passed to you to :-
a) Individual ILF Users.
b) Adult Social Care.
c) Not ring fence at all.

2) Have you received the details of how much money you are being
allocated and if so how much is that.

3) When will you be starting reassessments of ILF users and when do
you anticipate completing those assessments.

4) What arrangements are you putting in place for those ILF users
you have not reassessed by 30th June to continue funding their
current ILF care packages until an assessment has been carried
Bearing in mind that many of these ILF users will not currently
have Direct Payments set up with the Local Authority.

5) Do you have contingency plans in case a change in Government at
the forthcoming election alters the ILF funding situation?.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Black

Customer First, Blackpool Borough Council

Thank you for your email which is receiving attention.


We aim to respond to your enquiry within 10 working days.  In some cases
your email will be forwarded to another department who will respond to you

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Tara Robinson, Blackpool Borough Council

Dear Mr. Black,

Thank you for your e-mail FOI request as detailed below; this is now
receiving attention.

The reference number is: 150235

Kind Regards,

Customer Relations Team
Blackpool Council

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Dear Tara Robinson,

Please can you chase up this request.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Black

Tara Robinson, Blackpool Borough Council

Dear Mr. Black,

Thank you for your e-mail chasing the status of your FOI request, reference 150235.

Unfortunately, the member of staff dealing with your request is now on long term sickness leave. We have assigned your request to another member of staff and are currently awaiting a response. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to get this response back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if there is anything else I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

[email address]

Kind Regards,

Tara Robinson
Customer relations Team
Blackpool Council

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Tara Robinson, Blackpool Borough Council

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Date: 22/04/2015

Mr. Frank Black, Our Ref: FOI/F3/ASC/FB
[1][FOI #257436 email]
Direct Line: 01253 477700

[2][email address]

Dear Mr. Black,




I am writing to confirm that we have now completed our search for the
information you requested on 10^th March 2015.


A copy of the information requested is enclosed. Please accept our
apologies for the delay in response.


The legislation allows you to use the information supplied to you for your
own personal use.  Please be aware that any commercial use or other use
such as publication or sale may be a breach of copyright under the
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 unless you obtain the copyright
holder’s prior permission.


Not all of the information that the Council supplies to you that is
subject to copyright, will be the Council’s copyright.  You should seek
consent from the Council or the copyright holder as appropriate.  If you
wish to reuse the information supplied you should contact the Council for
advice on this.


If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request you may ask for
an internal review and you should submit this in writing to: FOI Internal
Review, Blackpool Council, Town Hall, Blackpool, FY1 1NA.  Your request
for internal review should be submitted within 40 working days of receipt
by you of this response.


If you are not happy with the outcome of the review, you have the right to
apply directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office for a decision. 
You can contact the Information Commissioner at: Information
Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9
5AF, ([3]


If you have any queries about this letter you can contact me, or write to:
FOI, Town Hall, Blackpool, FY1 1NA, or email us at
[4][Blackpool Borough Council request email].  Please remember to quote your
reference number when you contact us.


Yours sincerely


Customer Relations

Children & Adult Services



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