Identify the location of the further 20 hectares nearby earmarked for devlopment

The request was refused by South Gloucestershire Council.

Margaret Fortune

Dear South Gloucestershire Council,

As per the document provided 'M4 Junction 18A Link Phase 1 Report', please can you provide the location of the further 20 hectares earmarked for development as per the paragraph below in Section 2.3.5

'The Emersons Green Enterprise Area is outlined as a 45 hectare site which could create 4,000  to 7,000  new jobs by 2030, with a further 20 hectares nearby earmarked for development. '

In addition, please provide the emails, newsletters and workshop outputs referenced in the following section of the report:

2.2.3 Further Consultation  In addition to ongoing communication with elected representatives and stakeholders through meetings, emails and newsletters, a further round of workshops will be undertaken in May 2017.   These will consider the output from the initial options sifting and focus on shortlisted options. Pros and cons of options will be discussed and preferred options, which will form the basis of public consultation, will begin to be identified. The approach to the wider public consultation will be discussed. 

Yours faithfully,
Margaret Fortune

ECSFeedback, South Gloucestershire Council

Dear Ms Fortune,

Thank you for your recent request for information under the Freedom of Information Act, which was received by the Environment & Community Services Department on 9th August 2017.  Please note that this is also the date that the 20 day period for considering your request commenced.

Your request will now be considered in accordance with the Act by our Strategic Transport Policy Team under reference number FIDP/009563-17.

In the event that the information you have requested is to be disclosed, it will be sent to you no later than 7th September 2017.  If we are unable to respond by this date then we will contact you to agree a suitable alternative date to respond to your request.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,


Sue Lomax
Departmental Feedback Officer,
Environment and Community Services Dept.
South Gloucestershire Council
Department for Environment and Community Services
PO Box 1954
Information Management Team
BS37 0DD
Working days: Thursday & Friday
Tel: (01454) 863405
Email:  [email address]

Transport Policy, South Gloucestershire Council

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Dear Ms Fortune


Please find attached the reply to your latest FOI.


Yours sincerely



Alistair Rice

Strategic Transport Policy

Department of Environment and Community Services

South Gloucestershire Council


Tel: 01454 86 4617


Working days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning.


Address: South Gloucestershire Council, Department for Environment and
Community Services, PO Box 1953, BRISTOL, BS37 0DB 



Timothy Greenacres,

Dear Ms Fortune,


I am confirming that the FOI Request has been closed.



Timothy Greenacres

Internal Review Coordinator