Ministry of Defence,

Dear Minister,

In line with the Defence Covenant, announcements were made that current Armed Forces personnel would be able to keep their service ID cards, on leaving.

Can you confirm that all former Armed Forces, Reserves, and TA personnel in particular, will be given their service ID cards before the end of 2020?

Will you also confirm the date of rollout, along with the anticipated completion date for the issue of these ID cards.

If you are unable to provide any dates, can you please provide an explanation of what particular difficulties are causing the delays in meeting this promise?

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Philip J Ryan

Dear Sir /Madam,
I have not yet received a response from you regarding my request for information regarding ID cards for Veterans

I would be grateful if you could now forward a response to me, or an indication as to when I can expect one

Yours faithfully,

Philip J Ryan

People-Sec-FOI Mailbox (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Ryan,

Please see the attached response from the Ministry of Defence to your recent request for information.
Kind regards,

Kyri Soteris.

Kyri Soteris | People Sec Parli Case Work 6 | People Secretariat (Parliamentary) | Floor 6, Zone N | Main Building |
London | SW1A 2HB | Tel: 02078078092

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