MarkRobb (Account suspended) made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

MarkRobb (Account suspended)

Dear Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs,
mark Robb


Dear Norrie Stewart.

Thank you for your letter dated 20/04/2010/.i would like to piont out to you that this information has “Not” I will repeat myself “NOT” come to me from you or any other department. You are so confident that this has been sent .Then you will have no objection to send the original cover letter explaining the information you say that has been sent before.

It is a strait forward simple request that can be carried out whithout any problem why?. Because you are all ready telling me you have sent this information so the information, so to speak is at your finger tips or you wouldn’t know you have previously sent it.

If not we will go to appeal & solicitors mps so on & so on I am sure you would not want to waste tax payers & public money on something that can be achieved simply by sending a copy of the covering letter for the so called previously sent information You say I have already have sent.

Thank you so much.

Mark Robb

Helpline, Defra (CCU), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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MarkRobb (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

This is the info i reqested
Mark Robb


Dear Mr. Hounslow

I wish to make a request for information you have on computer /file/storage /hard copes ext ext.

The request is made under the legislation of freedom of information /Data protection /Environment act.

I would like all the information you keep in relation to hybrid falcons this to include birds I have had in my possession and control since 1981 up to October 2008.and registered under the WCA .section 7.

A every hybrid I have bread since 81-2008 /Plus the amount of money you have taken for these falcons to register them.

B every hybrid I have registered since 81-2010 the money you have taken for the three yearly registration .

C Every hybrid I have acquired and had to pay defra for the registration of these birds.

Mark Robb

Stewart, Norrie (AH),

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Dear Mr Robb,

Thank you for your request for a copy of the covering letter sent with the information provided previously.

Please find copy of the requested letter attached. For you convenience I have also included a copy of the spreadsheet.


Norrie Stewart
Customer & Stakeholder Services

Animal Health
Block C, Spur 3,
Government Buildings
Whittington Road

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