Dear Cheshire West and Chester Council,

Dear Sir/Madame,

My request is for information regarding the roundabout in Huntington, Chester outside the Rake and Pikel pub.

I would like to request information as to whether, according to the plans of the roundabout, it is intended to be single or dual lane.

I would also like to request the information of who to contact in order to put up relevant signage in the vicinity of the roundabout; as I, along with several others, have narrowly avoided accidents on this roundabout as no one seems to know whether there is an inner and an outer lane, or just the outer lane.

Many thanks,

Yours faithfully,

Kyle Stubbs

FOI West, Cheshire West and Chester Council

Dear Mr Stubbs

Thank you for your email of 25 August 2017.

An Officer from the Council's Highways department will email you direct as a routine business enquiry.

Information Governance

FARROW, Karl, Cheshire West and Chester Council

Mr Stubbs


Enquiry Reference 2138336


Thank you for your enquiry below regarding the roundabout by the Rake and
Pikel in Huntington.


I have been advised by the Councils Freedom of Information section to
treat this as a routine business request and respond direct.


The roundabout was designed to include an inner overrun area that can
accommodate the turning circles of large vehicles, while ensuring tight
geometry to hopefully slow down speeds for conventional vehicles.

Although it is possible to drive over these areas, their appearance and
design discourages smaller vehicles doing so. 


However the Council have received a number of concerns such as yours and
will install some road hatching in due course on the inner area to improve
the layout and make it safer to use.


I trust you find this response to be of assistance.





Karl Farrow

Place Area Engineer - Place Operations

Cheshire West and Chester Council


Tel: 0300 123 7036

Email: [1][email address]

Location: Highways Office, Guilden Sutton Lane, Guilden Sutton, Chester,

Visit: [2]




Dear FARROW, Karl,

Many thanks for your email; the information you have provided is most useful!

I'm very happy at the councils proposal to install hatching on the roundabout; I'm sure, as you say, it will make the roundabout safer to use!

Yours sincerely,

Kyle Stubbs

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