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Marrk Keir made this Freedom of Information request to Natural England

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The request was successful.

Dear Natural England,

Please send me a copy of the current class bat licence HS2 are operating under on Phase 1.
HS2 are currently clearing vegetation on Bowood La (nearest) post code HP22 6QA.
Please show me the appropriate area registered under above licence.
What bat species have HS2 surveys found in this area?
In light of evidence of greater numbers than anticipated of Barbastelle in the vicinity, please tell me how the overall cumulative effects have been determined.
Please tell me how you expect favourable conservation status to be maintained.
Please show me what mitigation is in place for roosts that might be found here.
Given the deleting of a major feeding corridor at nearby Leather La, as well as Bowood Lane, please tell me how you expect fragmentation in the area to be mitigated.

Yours faithfully,

Marrk Keir

SM-NE-FOI (NE), Natural England

Dear Marrk Keir,
Access to information request – Acknowledgement – Request No RFI 5712
Thank you for your request for the information detailed in your email
below, which we received on 31 August 2021.
We are dealing with your request under the Environmental Information
Regulations 2004.
Your request is being considered and we will send out our response within
the legal deadline of 20 working days which is 28 September 2021.  If, for
any reason we are unable to meet the deadline we will keep you fully
informed of the reasons for this.
Yours sincerely
Emma Clifton
Adviser – Legal and Governance Team
Natural England
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SM-NE-FOI (NE), Natural England

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Dear Mr Keir


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Darren Green, Senior Adviser – Access to Information

Natural England, Legal Services,

County Hall, Spetchley Road,

Worcester, WR5 2NP

T: 0208 026 0936

M: 078101 56750


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