Hoylake Golf Resort

John H Hutchinson made this Freedom of Information request to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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The request was successful.

John H Hutchinson

Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,
I have read "Developments likely to create wider concern" in Council's "PUBLICITY FOR APPLICATIONS" at


Cabinet Briefing documents on the Hoylake Golf Resort acknowledge its wide impact by stating that all Wards will be affected.

In order to comply with its own policy and guidelines, how will Council ensure that all interested Parties will be notified not only the statutory bodies and contiguous and non-contiguous neighbours.

For example, I have been kept abreast of Planning Applications in Lancashire by personally addressed letters from Lancashire County Council.

Yours faithfully,

John H Hutchinson

InfoMgr, FinDMT, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Mr Hutchinson,


Thank you for your FOI request (reference 969790)


The Hoylake Golf Resort project will be the subject of formal consultation
as set out in statute. This will afford all interested parties an
opportunity to consider the information submitted by the developer as part
of the planning application and for individuals and interested groups to
make whatever representations they feel are appropriate. All of these
representations, which must relate to material planning considerations,
will be considered by the Planning Committee when they consider the merits
of the application. It is too early to give you any details but the
Developer has indicated a strong desire and aspiration to undertake
additional community consultation and engagement than set out by statute
given the importance and scale of the project.


The Council is also holding local drop in events in November 2015 to
engage with local people on the concept of the golf resort and to share an
early sketch layout of the key elements for discussion purposes. Details
of the drop-in events will be the subject of a press release by the Leader
of the Council and other publicity measures in the very near future.


Yours sincerely,


Andy Henderson

Information Management Officer


Information Management

Legal & Member Services

Transformation & Resources Department

Wallasey Town Hall

Brighton Street



CH44 8ED 


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John H Hutchinson

Dear InfoMgr, FinDMT,

thank you.

Yours sincerely,

John H Hutchinson