How many on the council housing waiting list

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Dear Haringey Borough Council,

Could you state how many are on the Council waiting list

1. Pre 2012 November 9th
2. Post 2012 November 9th
3. Band A
4. Band B

As above how many have been homed in Council homes not HA as of April 2020/21,
please state tenure of homes 1,2,3,4 bedroom.

Yours faithfully,

C Bon

Haringey Borough Council

Date: 09 April 2021  
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Dear C Bon


Freedom of Information / Environmental Information Regulations Request:
Reference LBH/10951821


I acknowledge your request for information received on 09 April 2021

This information request will be dealt with in accordance with the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 / Environmental Information Regulations and we
will send the response by 10 May 2021.


Yours sincerely,




Gaelle Fortune

Feedback Officer

0208 489 1723

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Dear Haringey Borough Council,

Thank you but you are required by law to answer by a maximum of 20 working days.
Could you please explain why this is.
Thank you again.

Yours faithfully,

C Bon


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Dear C Bon,


Thank you for your email below. Your Freedom of Information ( FOI) request
was sent to the FOI team on 06 April, and the feedback team received the
request from the FOI team on 09 April, as this was for Homes for Haringey
to deal with.


I have logged your request with the receipt date as 09 April which was an
oversight on my part and have amended the request to reflect a received on
06 April. Please accept my sincere apologies for the confusion.


This information request will be dealt with in accordance with the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 / Environmental Information Regulations and we
will send the response by 05 May 2021.


If you have any further questions regarding this Freedom of Information
request please contact the Feedback Team either by emailing us at
[1][email address]  or calling us on 0208 489 7017. We
will be happy to assist you.


Your Sincerely,


Gaelle Fortune | Feedback Apprentice


Homes for Haringey

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Tel: 020 8489 1723

Feedback team : 0208 489 7017

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My working days are as follows:

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From: Baker Richard <[email address]> On Behalf Of FOI
Sent: 13 April 2021 17:23
To: ComplaintsHFH <[email address]>
Subject: FW: LBH/10951821 , council housing waiting list , Foi



Dear HfH


Please see below correspondence from C Bon


Kind regards




Richard Baker

Feedback Officer

Corporate and Customer Service


Haringey Council 

3rd Floor Alexandra House Road 10 Station Road N22 7TR


T: 020 8489 4976

E: [6][email address]




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Richman Leigh,

Dear C Bon
Re: Freedom of Information Act Request ref:  LBH/10951821
Thank you for your FOI request. 
In terms of the total households in Band A and Band B, I can provide the
following information for all households (homeless and not homeless):

Band A 611
Band B 3077

Because your specific enquiry relates to the effective date of the
implementation of the Localism Act, I have taken your enquiry to be in
relation to homeless households. Please advise if this is incorrect and we
will seek to amend our response.

Homeless households on housing list Band A (homeless and in severe Band B
Numbers pre-localism (before 2 507
Numbers post localism (after 9 2186

In terms of households housed in properties in the financial year 2020/21,
I have listed both Council and HA because you asked for types of tenure.
This does not relate only to homeless households but I have also provided
a breakdown of where homeless households were housed: 

Studios 1 bed 2 bed 3 bed 4 bed +
Housed in Council Band A 3 89 26 14 3
Of which homeless pre 9/11/12 0 0 0 1 0
Of which homeless post 9/11/12 0 0 0 0 0
Housed in Council Band B 1 40 38 18 7
Of which homeless pre 9/11/12 0 2 9 15 6
Of which homeless post 9/11/12 1 38 29 1 1
Housed in HA Band A 0 13 3 1 0
Of which homeless pre 9/11/12 0 0 0 0 0
Of which homeless post 9/11/12 0 1 1 0 0
Housed in HA Band B 0 20 28 16 0
Of which homeless pre 9/11/12 0 2 9 16 0
Of which homeless post 9/11/12 0 15 17 0 0

I very much hope that I have addressed your enquiry but please let me know
if any of this is unclear.
If you are unhappy with how we have responded to your request you can ask
us to conduct an Internal Review. If so, If so, please contact the
[1]Corporate Feedback Team.  (Please note you should do so within two
months of this response.)
You may also complain to the Information Commissioner's office, which may
be able to help you.  However they would normally expect the local
authority to have undertaken a complaint investigation or Internal Review
of the request before they will accept the referral. 
You can contact the Commissioner at:
Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Phone help line: 0303 123 1113
Website: [2]
With best wishes
Yours sincerely
Leigh Richman
Head of Lettings and Move On
Homes for Haringey
Housing Demand
48 Station Road
Wood Green
N22 7TY
[3][email address]
Tel: 020 8489 5294
Twitter: @homes4haringey
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Dear Richman Leigh,

Could you please put this into table format.

Yours sincerely,

C Bon