How many children in LA care are given British Nationality

Paul Randle-Jolliffe made this Freedom of Information request to Home Office

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Paul Randle-Jolliffe

Dear Home Office,

1) How many children of foreign nationals in local authority care has the Home Secretary under the British Nationality Act 1981 3 (1)

Acquisition by registration: minors.

3 (1)If while a person is a minor an application is made for his registration as a British citizen, the Secretary of State may, if he thinks fit, cause him to be registered as such a citizen.

A. Received applications for
B. Granted

Whilst they were in Local Authority Care In each of the last five years.

Broken down into being in care under: (if known)

i) EPO (emergency protection order)
ii)ICO (interim care order)
iii) FCO (fill care order)

2) How many of these applications by LA's have been approved with the child being authorised to be known by and therefore have British passports in a different name whilst in LA care. (But not adopted)

3) And how many applications have there been from local authorities to request the issue of British Passports to Children who are not British Nationals without grant under British Nationality Act 1981 3 (1) so they may travel abroad.

4) How many of each of 1. A. & B., 2 & 3 above have there been from each local authority who have made such applications.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Randle-Jolliffe

Freedom Of Information Team ( IND ), Home Office

Dear Mr Randle-Jolliffe

RE: How many children in LA care are given British Nationality

Thank you for your recent email concerning the above matter. We are
currently dealing with your enquiry and will respond shortly.

Yours sincerely

FOI Team

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Freedom Of Information Team ( IND ), Home Office

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Please find attached a response to your request made under the Freedom of
Information Act.
Kind regards,
Ben Smith
Freedom of Information Act Policy Team
Senior Policy Advisor
UK Border Agency
Lunar House - 11th Floor - Short Corridor
40 Wellesley Road, Croydon


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