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Dear The Crown Estate,

How many acres of land do you Own, Manage, Lease or currently control ? As of December 2017.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Nigel Bloomer

Enquiries, The Crown Estate

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Brazier, Martin, The Crown Estate

Dear Mr Bloomer


Thank you for your request for information. You asked how many acres of
land The Crown Estate owns, manages, leases or currently controls as of
December 2017.


Our estate changes very frequently due to sales and purchases, and as we
do not have a business need to keep a running total of the area we do not
hold the information to answer your query exactly. I can, however, confirm
that The Crown Estate has around 249,000 hectares (or about 615,000 acres)
of property registered at the Land Registry. This includes our Central
London properties, regional retail properties, rural estates and foreshore
(the area between high and low water). A small area of our land remains
unregistered, and includes some common land in Wales. Other land and
interests cannot be registered, such as the sea bed out to the 12NM limit
 and rights on the seabed beyond that.


Our website shows the extent and variation of our portfolio:


The interactive map on our website allows you to navigate around the
country to see what we own:


If you are not satisfied with my response, you may complain or appeal our
decision, which will be investigated through an Internal Review. If you
are not content with the outcome of the Internal Review, you have the
right to refer your complaint directly to the Information Commissioner for
a decision. Please note that the Information Commissioner cannot make a
decision unless you have first exhausted our own complaints procedure.




Martin Brazier
Knowledge Manager


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