How Current Tree Works Decisions are to be Made

Richard Taylor made this Freedom of Information request to Cambridge City Council

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The request was successful.

Could you please release details of the process to be used for making decisions on following proposed tree works :

1. Proposed felling and planting at: Midsummer Common, Jesus Green and New Square. These proposals are described in the agenda for the West / Central Area Committee to be held on Thursday 30 April 2009.

2. Proposed felling of trees at Vicar's Brook. These proposals are outlined in a notice at the site.


Is it within the power of the West/Central Area committee on the 30th of April to actually make the decision to go-ahead with the tree works on their agenda?

Will the new tree works protocol involving consultations, notices on trees, notices on the council's website etc. be followed in relation to these works?

Clearly it would be desirable if you could release this information, if you hold it, before the meeting on the evening of the 30th April.

Many thanks,


Richard Taylor


Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

I have an article on my website about the Cambridge City Council's new tree works policy:

I have also written about the proposed work at New Square:

and at Vicar's Brook:

Diana Oviatt-Ham, Cambridge City Council

Dear Mr Taylor
Thank you for your FOI request. It will be processed in accordance with the FOI regulations.
Yours sincerely
Diana Oviatt-Ham

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Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

I have now also written about the proposed works on Jesus Green, Cambridge:

Richard Taylor left an annotation ()


With respect to the Jesus Green and Midsummer Common trees a decision has been made to shelve the plans and await a new protocol for making tree related decisions:

On Vicar's Brook - these fellings have appeared as an item on the agenda for the 27th May 2009 planning committee.

Diana Oviatt-Ham, Cambridge City Council

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