Housing Needs within the Borough

Shane ONeill made this Freedom of Information request to Haringey Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Haringey Borough Council,
1. How many suitable TA units have you available for disabled people in
the Borough -
2. How many people with a disability made an application and how many were put in suitable accommodation
3. How many homes in your Borough are not up to decent homes standard - temporary
accommodation and properties in Council ownership?
4. How many landlords have been fined for not providing compliant property
for residents - both for temporary accommodation properties and or
privately rented, over last 18 months
5. Please list the 5 largest fines and landlords who have been fined -
for temporary accommodation properties and privately rented over the last 18 months
6. Please can you tell me what is the highest nightly/ monthly cost of temporary accommodation in your borough by each of the following typologies:
a. B&B
b. HMO
c. Hostel
d. Foyer
e. Hotel
f. Self-contained private rented

7. Please can you tell me how you are funding your funding shortfall in temporary accommodation cost in 2019,
and projected spend and shortfall for :
8. Please can you tell me:
1. How many properties are currently used in your borough for temporary accommodation?
2. How many properties used in temporary accommodation are leased at the nightly rate?
3. What are the 5 largest temporary accommodation schemes in your borough (by number of units and by total number of occupants)?
4. What is the TA breakdown by headcount occupying the following typologies:
a. B&B
b. HMO
c. Hostel
d. Foyer
e. Hotel
f. Self-contained private rented
g. Out-of-borough
10. Please can you tell me ,what are the additional management fees payable in your borough for temporary accommodation for
- Nightly
- Weekly
- Monthly
- ASTs
- Long leases
Are there any other associated costs with renting properties other than rent and management fees?
What incentives are you paying to landlords to secure short and long term leases?

11. Please can you tell me your 3 year forecast in the borough for:
1. temporary accommodation numbers expected to be housed
2. percentage projected growth in people becoming temporarily homeless
3. social housing applicants
4. percentage growth projection in social housing applicants
5. number of projected socially rented properties required
6. percentage increase in number of socially rented properties
7. How many affordable properties and currently in planning and potentially going to get build to meet your demand

Yours faithfully,

Shane ONeill

Yours faithfully,

Shane ONeill


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Dear Mr O'Neill
Freedom of Information / Environmental Information Regulations Request:
Reference LBH/9041519
I acknowledge your request for information dated 13 August 2019.
This information request will be dealt with in accordance with the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 / Environmental Information Regulations and we
will send the response by 12 September 2019.
Yours sincerely,
John Joannou
Feedback Officer
Feedback Team

Homes for Haringey
4th Floor I 48 Station Road I London I N22 7TR
Tel: 020 8489 5611
E: [1][email address]

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Igbins Victor,

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Dear Mr O'Neill,

Please find our response to your freedom of information request referenced





Victor Igbins

Head of Service - Housing Supply & Contracts


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