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D Spratt made this Freedom of Information request to Dartmoor National Park Authority

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Dartmoor National Park Authority did not have the information requested.

Dear Dartmoor National Park Authority

I am writing to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act. Please provide me with the following information - number of:-
Second homes
Empty homes
Holiday homes
Rented homes owned by a private landlord
Rented home owned by a social landlord
Total number of homes

that you have recorded in any reports/records/databases for each of the parishes of Mary Tavy, Peter Tavy, and Brentor. Please provide the figures for each of these criteria, broken down by each Parish. If you don’t have figures for each of the above criteria, please provide information for those criteria that you do have information for.

I would like this data for each of the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 (to date). If you don’t have this information for all years, then please provide it for the years/periods of time you do have information available.

Please also provide the total figures for each of these criteria for the DNPA area as a whole.

I appreciate that some of the figures might possibly overlap for various reasons, and would be grateful if this could be annotated/explained in any figures you provide.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

D Spratt

autoreply, Dartmoor National Park Authority

Thank you for your email which has been received today.  Our service
standards state that you can expect a response within 10 working days.


If you do not get a response within this time, please re-send your email
to [email address]


[1]Love your National Parks


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Chloe Nielsen, Dartmoor National Park Authority

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Dear Mr Spratt,

Thank you for your email.

The data you have requested is available from the 2011 Census information, it is not information we hold. You can search for this information by parish on the Neighbourhood Statistics page here: https://www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov....

However as this information is not available for the National Park as a whole it is in the spreadsheet attached.

I trust this answers your request, if you require anything further please get in touch.


Chloe Nielsen

Assistant Planning Officer (Forward Planning)
Dartmoor National Park Authority
Parke, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ13 9JQ
Tel. 01626 831053

[email address]

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Dear Ms Nielson

Thank you for your response of 22nd August 2016 to my Freedom of Information request regarding “Housing Data”

Could you please check with your “Development Control” department as I would have thought that they would hold at least some of the information I requested in order to help inform the decisions they make regarding applications for housing developments within Dartmoor villages.

Thank you also for the attachment to your response. This gives the total data for the entire DNPA area - I would be grateful if you could please break this information down and provide the data within this for the parishes of Brentor, Mary Tavy, and Peter Tavy.


D Spratt

Chloe Nielsen, Dartmoor National Park Authority

Dear Mr Spratt,

Unfortunately none of our departments have any data that is more up to date than the Census 2011. However if you would like data on second and empty homes you could contact the district council, which may hold council tax information which would give you an indication of this.

The spreadsheet I sent you previously is available only for the national park as a whole, and not broken down into smaller areas. This information is available through the census web site. I would highly recommend the neighbourhood statistics page available here: https://www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov.... On this you can search household data by parish which includes figures on tenure, second and empty homes.

For example for Brentor: https://www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov...

However if I have misunderstood your request and you require data on schemes that have had planning permission approved covering 2011-2016 please let me know. If this is the case we would be able to provide you with the number of approved and completed (to the best of our knowledge) holiday homes, rented homes owned by a registered provider, intermediate homes (affordable homes privately owned or owned by a private landlord) and total number of homes for the parishes you have specified. However we would not be able to provide data for second, empty or privately rented homes as these are not things specified in the permission.

Please let me know if this is the data you require.


Chloe Nielsen

Assistant Planning Officer (Forward Planning) Dartmoor National Park Authority Parke, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ13 9JQ Tel. 01626 831053

[email address]

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Dear Chloe Nielsen,

Thank you for your further reply.

If no departments at the DNPA have access to housing data more up to date than the 2011 census derived figures, it is hard to understand how they can make fully informed planning decisions regarding any proposed housing developments in the National Park?

Thank you for the neighbourhood statistics link that you provided to view the data for Brentor, but unfortunately that link doesn’t work. Could you please check it and send again?

I have recently discovered that West Devon Borough Council hold this information on “second homes” and “empty homes” by parish and by year. They define “second homes as – “any property that is furnished and no-ones sole / main residence”, and “empty homes as “any property that is unfurnished and no-ones sole / main residence”.

Yours sincerely,

D Spratt

Chloe Nielsen, Dartmoor National Park Authority

I am currently away from the office until the 31 October 2016, and not
checking emails.  If your email needs attention before then please resend
it to [1][email address].  If you enquiry is urgent please
call 01626 832093 to speak to a colleague in Forward Planning.


[2][email address]


[4]Love your National Parks
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Daniel Janota, Dartmoor National Park Authority

Dear Mr Spratt,
I have just picked your email up from Chloe's mailbox.
Unfortunately Chloe is off work at the moment, hence I have just been able
to access her emails to ascertain if there's anything which required a
response.  My apologies for the delay in coming back to you. 
It looks like I can perhaps only see part of the conversation below,
though if it is helpful to summarise as follows, this may help answer your
questions if we still need to. Or to point you in the right direction:

* Housing data (regarding stock, type, occupancy etc), is held normally
by the district council (housing authority) and relate to information
they hold for council tax purposes, or housing register purposes. 
They would be the 'data owner' therefore any information should be
obtained from them. 
* Housing data (longer term/trend data) periodically, census data and
other ONS (Office for National Statistics) data becomes available and
is [1]published on their web site.  This is rarely 'cut' to national
parks, and is often starting to become out of date by the time it is
published by ONS for small area geographies (i.e. at a village
* House prices and sales data is publicly available from the [2]Land
* Planning data (regarding applications, decisions and completions) is
held by us as the planning authority, published in our [3]Annual
Monitoring Report
* Demographic data (households, people, ages, employment etc) is
collected by ONS and published as part of the census.  Again there is
some additional 'mid year estimate' data and [4]other data collected
by government though rarely for national parks.

The consequence of the above is that when we are working on the local plan
(as we have just started), we must obtain information from a range of
sources.  It will often cost us to obtain, analyse or seek appropriate
proxy data and information for Dartmoor, which may be readily published by
government for other (district) local planning authorities.  This will
come from a range of sources including the constituent housing
authorities, government agencies, and private consultant modelling or
Our [5]Annual Monitoring Report contains some information around
planning.  Next year's report will contain (or link to) the information we
are currently collecting in more detail, as we are now entering a
review.   Our [6]current consultation paper describes the information we
will be collecting over the coming months to inform policy review.  In
relation to housing this will include -

* Housing Market Needs Assessment (joint pieces of work with our Exeter,
and Plymouth Housing Market Area neighbours) to assess housing need at
a sub-regional level
* Demographic and household data, and projections (to understand what
happens on Dartmoor, under different housing growth scenarios)
* House prices and affordability (to understand and inform policy making
around affordable housing)
* Local Housing Needs Assessment - which may exist already or be updated
in some settlements
* Plan viability - an appraisal of different options for delivering
affordable housing in the national park

Once we have collected and analysed the above, it will be collated and
published in a Housing Topic Paper - a summary of housing information,
which will inform draft policies later next year.  I hope this will paper
will be published in the spring.
For your information we are also looking to revise the guidance in our
[7]Housing SPD, in response to changing government policy, and intend to
publish a draft of a revised document in the next few weeks.
I hope the above is of help.  If you believe there is some specific as
described above that we may be able to help you with further, please do
come back to me.
Again,  apologies for the delay in responding.
Kind regards,
Dan Janota MRTPI
Forward Planning Manager
Dartmoor National Park Authority
Parke, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ13 9JQ
Tel. 01626 831066 
[8][email address]

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Dear Mr Janota

Thank you very much for your extremely detailed response and for the wealth of information you have provided. The time and effort that you clearly put into preparing this informative response is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

D Spratt