Housing Benefit shown as council expense

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Dear Bromley Borough Council,
Council tax is shown as council expense on council tax bill pie chart, however this expenses is not a council expense as payment is made from central government budget. Therefore can you answer the following question.

Why is it shown as an expense?

How many times has it been shown as a council expense?

Whereas, council shown as a council expense been allocated to the budget allocation?

Yours faithfully,

Suzanne Park


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Dear Ms Park,

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Borg, Pinny, Bromley Borough Council

Dear Ms Park



Thank you for your query regarding the Gross Spend on Services Pie Chart
which accompanies the annual council tax Bills. I am unsure of your exact
query but I believe it is the breakdown of the £112.7m spend relating to
Housing Benefits & Council Tax Support. This is made up of £11.1m Housing
Benefit costs and £2.6m relating to the cost of administrating the council
tax Support scheme. If this does not answer your query please feel free to
contact me and I will be happy to provide you with further information.


Kind regards

Pinny Borg

Senior Accountant (Technical & Control)

0208313 4917


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Please note Universal credit take away some of the cost of Admin and Housing Benefit payment are not made via council but central government

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