Hospital Based Complex Care

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Audit Scotland should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Audit Scotland,

Under the FOI act could you please provide a response the to following questions regarding total figures for hospital based complex clinical care in Scotland for the financial year 2015/16.

1. Total Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care Spend (all types below)
1a. Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care Spend (£)
1b. Mental Health (excl. learning disabilities) (£)
1c. Learning Disabilities (£)
1d. High cost patients (>£2,500 per week) (£)

2. Total Number of patients receiving Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care Spend (all types below)
2a. Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care Spend
2b. No. of Mental Health Patients (excl. learning disabilities)
2c. No. of Learning Disabilities Patients
2d. No. of high cost patients (>£2,500 per week)

3. Total number of care packages funded

4. Total number of care providers (all types) supplying care
4a. Nursing Homes
4b. Care Homes
4c. Domiciliary Care Providers
4d. Other

Could you also please inform me whether Audit Scotland has the ability to split the requested information according to each Health Board or Health and Social Care Partnership?

Thank you for the time spent on this request

Yours faithfully,

A Thompson

Ian Metcalfe, Audit Scotland

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Dear Mr Thompson


This emails is to acknowledge and reply to your FOI request dated 9 May
2017.  You asked for information  about hospital based complex care and we
have searched our records and we do not hold this information. Therefore,
under section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 Audit
Scotland does not hold the information requested.


To assist your search for this information I suggest you contact
Information Services division Scotland (ISD). ISD is a division of
National Services Scotland, part of NHS Scotland and provides health
information, health intelligence and statistical services.


Their freedom of Information page is available through the link below:




Yours sincerely


Ian Metcalfe

Corporate Performance Officer

Audit Scotland, 102 West Port, Edinburgh EH3 9DN

T: 0131 625 1861 E: [2][email address]





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Right of review and appeal

If you are dissatisfied with how we have handled your information request
or would like us to reconsider the decision we made, please write to:
Diane McGiffen, Chief Operating Officer, at 102 West Port, Edinburgh, EH3
9DN. You should do this as soon as possible and within 40 working days of
the date of issue of our response to your request.


If, after that, you are still not satisfied you can ask the Scottish
Information Commissioner to review how we dealt with your request. This
should be done within 6 months after the date of receipt of our response
to your review. The Commissioner is independent of Audit Scotland and can
decide whether we acted properly and according to the Freedom of
Information (Scotland) Act 2002.


The Information Commissioner can be contacted at: The Scottish Information
Commissioner, Kinburn Castle, Doubledykes Road, St Andrews, Fife, KY16
9DS, Tel 01334 464 610, email [11][email address]







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