Hospital admission figures comparison for Scotland 2019 - 2020

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Dear Public Health Scotland,

Could you provide hospital admission figures, A&E and elective, both nationally (Scotland) and in the (Grampian region) during Feb/March/April 2019 and Feb/March/April 2020.

Yours faithfully,

H Jamshidian


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Dear H Jamshidian,


Freedom of Information Reference: 2020-000026


Please find attached our response to your freedom of information request.


I hope this information is helpful to you.  Please do not hesitate to
contact me on [1][Public Health Scotland request email] if I can be of any further assistance.

If you are unhappy with our response to your request, you do have the
right to request us to review it. Your request should be made within 40
working days of receipt of this correspondence, and we will reply within
20 working days of receipt. The review will be undertaken by a reviewer
who was not involved in the original decision-making process. The reviewer
can be contacted as follows:


The FOI Reviewer

Public Health Scotland

Gyle Square

1 South Gyle Crescent


EH12 9EB

Email: [2][Public Health Scotland request email]


Please note that Public Health Scotland staff are working from home
currently in line with the COVID-19 pandemic guidance. Therefore contact
by email is preferable.


If our decision is unchanged following a review and you remain
dissatisfied with this, you then have the right to make a formal complaint
to the Scottish Information Commissioner within 6 months of receipt of our
review response. You can do this by using the Scottish Information
Commissioner’s Office online appeals service at
[3] If you remain dissatisfied with the
Commissioner’s response you then have the option to appeal to the Court of
Session on a point of law.



Yours sincerely,


Donna Mitchell



Public Health Scotland

Phone: 0131 275 7867

Email: [4][email address]





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