Horizon Inquiry

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Dear Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,

Stakeholder engagement
In order to understand the range of issues fully and provide constructive challenge, the Inquiry will undertake engagement with significant stakeholder groups, including current and former postmasters, Post Office Ltd, Fujitsu UK, BEIS and other relevant third parties to identify information that is relevant to and within the scope of the Inquiry.Can you tell me if JFSA and Second Sight will be taking part in the Inquiry,whether they would be considered to be significant stakeholders and what steps you heve taken to encourage them to participate.

Yours faithfully,

John Osullivan

Dear Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,
Please can you reply

Yours faithfully,

john o'sullivan

Alan Bates (JFSA) left an annotation ()

I can probably assist you with your query, and inform you that neither the JFSA nor Second Sight will be taking part in the BEIS whitewash inquiry.

The JFSA are obviously one of the key stakeholders in this matter but were not consulted over the scope of the inquiry as it seems BEIS only wants to look at forward facing issues rather that examining the damage it and Post Office has done to so many lives and how they could put this right. In fact the scope of the review specifically excludes any mention of providing the redress to the Subpostmasters that they deserve for the damage POL and BEIS have caused.

Until such time as there is an inquiry that has the right to cross-examine witnesses and to consider financial redress to those injured the JFSA will not take part, as anything else is little more than a vehicle designed to cover up the conspiracy behind the failures of Horizon that HMG and POL have been actively covering up for many years at the cost of ruining the lives of so many Subpostmasters. This is why the JFSA has submitted a detailed complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman which we expect will lead to the full public inquiry with the statutory powers that is needed to expose the real truth of what happened and identify those responsible who are currently relying on the BEIS whitewash review to keep them safe in the shadows.

If you have not read the JFSA complaint to the Ombudsman a copy can be found on the JFSA website. I hope you find the information above of use in answer to your FOI request, although I wait with interest to see the spin POL will apply in responding to you.

Alan Bates