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R Resident made this Freedom of Information request to Lewisham Borough Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Lewisham Borough Council,

Please provide a copy the following:
1) All the policies relevant to "home education" when children are electively being home educated that Lewisham comply with. Please provide a copy and list these policies.

2) All of the employee standard operating procedures for identifying, notice to satisfy, supporting, monitoring in place at Lewisham Council children being home educated.

3) How many parents or guardian prosecutions have been made for failure to satisfy in home education, in the following years:
a) 2020 to 2021
b) 2019 to 2020
c) 2018 to 2019

4) What is considered good practice or usual conduct at the local authority when you are in the process of issuing a final or a draft EHCP to a named child, at is time what is the exact legislative basis for serving Section 437 simultaneously. Please provide the internal employee standard operating procedures (not policy) for this process.

Yours faithfully,

R Resident

Foi, Customer, Lewisham Borough Council

Dear R Resident,

Re: Freedom of Information Act 2000
Environmental Information Regulations 2004
Reference No: 11808101

Thank you for your recent request.

Your request is being considered and you will receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working days, subject to the application of any exemptions. Where consideration is being given to exemptions the 20 working day timescale may be extended to a period considered reasonable depending on the nature and circumstances of your request. In such cases you will be notified and, where possible, a revised time-scale will be indicated. In all cases we shall attempt to deal with your request at the earliest opportunity.

There may be a fee payable for the retrieval, collation and provision of the information requested where the request exceeds the statutory limit or where disbursements exceed £10. In such cases you will be informed in writing and your request will be suspended until we receive payment from you or your request is modified and/or reduced.

Your request may require either full or partial transfer to another public authority. You will be informed if your request is transferred.

If we are unable to provide you with the information requested we will notify you of this together with the reason(s) why and details of how you may appeal (if appropriate).

Please note that the directorate team may contact you for further information where we believe that the request is not significantly clear for us to respond fully.

Kind regards
Customer Resolution Administrator

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Sealey, Laurant, Lewisham Borough Council

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Dear R. Resident.


I write in response to your FOI request: 11808101.


Apologies for the delay in getting this information to you. Please see
attached both your request and the local authority’s response.


Should you wish to submit any future request, please do so in the normal
way by emailing: [1][email address]


Kind regards


Laurant Sealey

Senior Business Officer Complaints and Information

Email: [email address]

Telephone: 0208  314 7435

Website: [2]www.lewisham.gov.uk



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