Home education and abuse - statistics

The request was refused by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council.

Dear Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council,

I would like to know:

A. The number of persons in the local authority of compulsory school age who are, or claimed to be, electively home educated and who have been either suspected or found to be involved in child abuse, neglect, forced marriage, sexual exploitation, radicalisation or domestic servitude.

B. How many (if any) Serious Case Reviews or Joint Area Reviews have been reported with respect to home educated children in the LA.

C) How many of these children have been put on a CIN plan.

D) How many of these children have been put into Local Authority care.

E) How many have ever attended school.

Yours faithfully,

Mx R Vincent

FOI, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Dear Requestor,   

RE: - Request For Information

Thank you for your request for information held by Rochdale Council which
was received by us on 27^th April 2018 regarding home education and abuse

I write to advise you that your request has been allocated to the
department best able to deal with your queries, and will be considered
under the Freedom of Information Act.
Under the Act we are required to provide a response within 20 working days
however we do endeavour to provide a response at the earliest opportunity.

Should you have any queries, please contact us using the details below.

Yours sincerely,

Information Governance Unit

Customers & ICT

Floor 2, Number One Riverside

Smith Street, Rochdale, OL16 1XU


Email: [1][Rochdale Council request email]




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Childcare FOI, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

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Good Afternoon Mr Vincent,


Please see attached the response to your FOI request 17792.


Best wishes



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