Hoban Accepts Claimants Right To Request Recording

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
The following article appeared on BLACK TRIANGLE website,it is a quote from Mark Hoban;

Hoban Last month (12 June),

“The Department and Atos are in the process of amending written communications to claimants by updating the WCA AL1C form. The document is sent to claimants when they need to arrange a face-to-face assessment and will provide more information on how to arrange an audio-recorded assessment. We expect the revised form to be sent out to claimants by the end of next month, once the necessary changes have been made and the form has been cleared for use.”

Have the relevant forms been made available (Hoban quoted end of july)?

What action has been taken to make sure claimants are aware of their right to a recorded interview?

Will claimants be given sufficient time to make a request for a recording?

Will any action or sanction be levied upon a claimant if the request is not met?
ie excuses of not receiving a request, broken equipment, insufficient equipment and HCP does'nt wish to be recorded etc. etc.

Please estimate the amount of recording equipment necessary to accommodate all requests that may be forthcoming?

Indicate the amount of equipment available at this present time, broken or otherwise?

Will recording be available from other healthcare companies apart from ATOS?

If not, why not?

Yours faithfully,


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