HND LAW COURSE approved as QLD

Emilia Alexe made this Freedom of Information request to General Council of the Bar
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The request was partially successful.

Dear General Council of the Bar,

I am aware that The Bar Council is not subject to the Freedom of information Act 2000, however, I am relying on your willigness in showing transparency in your role as public regulator for law degree.
I have contacted SRA ,Regulation and Education regarding a specific higher education course delivered in Stadforshire University, an HND LAW who been approved by BSB as QLD( Last updated list of qualification degree from 2015).
I am not aware if SRA policy officer had passed the matter to you for enquiries, however, I have decided to adress the matter to you directly.
The information is crucial .
I am a former law student who finish an HND Law course in other institution ,with similar recognised learning aim and matching data according to LARA records),to be more precise ,there are evidences that it is the same HND Law course.
The HND Law course I have enrolled for,it was sold as subdegree law course subject to top up( not a QLD) but it turn out at the very end that the course was a non regulated provision outside any national framework unable to ensure not even a .progression
Since, the HNDLaw course in Stadforshire aproved by BSB as QLD seems to be the same course as the one I have enrolled for, a big question mark is rising.
How an HND Law course can be aproved as QLD in one institution and in another to be a non regulated provision?
It might be place for a potential misleading informations that potentially can harm not just the students but also the integrity of the higher education Law system itself.

In the light ,of the aformentioned details,I will really appreciate if you can provide any details you are having regarding the HND Law course approved as QLD and delivered by Stadforshire University.

The HND Law course in Stadforshire University has been withdrawn by Pearson ( the owner of HNC/ HND's Trade Mark) in May 2016 at the same date when the School of Law and implicitly the HND Law course in my college was also withdrawn by Pearson under students presure following complaints regarding quality standards.

Yours faithfully,

Emilia Alexe

privacy, General Council of the Bar

Dear Emilia Alexe

Thank you for your email of 30 September.

You are correct in that the General Council of the Bar is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, but in any case your email seems to be an enquiry rather than an FOI request. I'm not aware that we have received an enquiry about the matter you've raised from an SRA Policy Officer. In response to the points you raise:

* The HND course is not in itself a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD). Anyone who passed this course would then be eligible to progress to a full LLB course at Staffordshire University.

* You say the HND law course at Staffordshire has been withdrawn. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will check our records and amend them as necessary.

* Any dispute or complaint you have about a course should be taken up with the institution concerned. A university will have a complaints procedure which you should use. We cannot get involved in such disputes, I'm afraid.

* The changes to Bar training that are now being introduced mean that the concept of the QLD will fall away and the requirement will simply be to have covered the foundation subjects in Law. Information can be found in the Common Protocol on the Academic Component of Training statement on our website:

I hope this information is helpful.

Kind regards

Hilary Pook
Data Protection Officer
The Bar Council
289-293 High Holborn
London WC1V 7HZ
Switchboard: 020 7242 0082

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Dear Hilary Pook,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
I am aware of the fact of HND Law not being a QLD on itself without an eligible route to progress into an LLB.
However, the HND Law course delivered in Stadforshire University is listed by BSB ,therefore,it is meeting the national threshold standards and Academic Stage requirments.
Thanking me for informing you about the course withdrawal is a confirmation of the course being in your list.
I would really appreciate if you can provide the date when this particular HND Law course started to be listed by BSB. I have the one updated in 2015 .
The informations required from you is crucial and it's having a public interest for the following reasons:

- The HND Law delivered in Stadforshire ,it is the same HND Law delivered in St.Patricks College( proof confirmed by LARA records)
- Both courses have been registered and withdrawn at the same date.
- However, the course on St.Patricks College despite the fact that it was registered as subdegree Law course subject to top up( external law degree offered by the University of London) it has transpired at the very end that the course ( by it's structure)and diplomas are matching old non regulated law provisions nothing to do with higher education ,nor to a law degree.
Pearson owning the Trade Mark for the HNC/ HND's , some of them delivered in colleges aproved for higher education provision ,some delivered under Pearson Licence Agreetment in universities with their own degree awarding powers( as Stadforshire University).
Therefore, a big question mark is raising.
How is possible that the same HND Law course to appear in one place as Law degree and in another outside the National Framework, according to Pearson statements ( but having the same recognised learning aim HND-0032).
The problem is very complex and the former law students of St.Patricks ended up with a useless piece of paper .
The Department of Education ,QAA ,SLC is covering up for Pearson ,since the records show the course in St.Patrick College , a subdegree law course,as I have mentioned above ,therefore ,it was financed with public money and it had international students.
The School of Law in St.Patricks was a bogus and it has as a Head of School ,a Barister in training at the time..
Due to the scale of coruption, students are intending now, to bring DFE to court under the public law ,since all our complaints have been forced for closure and mediation failed.
You might not be directly involved but listing a course which has nothing to do with higher education as meeting the national threshold standards and requirments for academic stage it it misleading for students .Therefore, you should be the one to ask Stadforshire University about further details.
I am already debating this matter with Stadforshire University.It is unlikely for them not to know or sense that something is not right since the structure was the same.
All law lecturers and baristers involved in teaching this course for years supposed to know what is mean teaching a law at academic Level 5. Most of them chooses to say nothing . I am intending to report to SRA all these names with documents in support.
In conclusion, it is about a fraud degree in Law and a fraud in public money.
I believe that BSB ,by moral conduct must proceed and investigate accordingly . I am happy to provide all the neccessary evidences.
Falsely misrepresenting a law course as degree is an offence .
Regardless your decision in taking action or not, I have informed BSB ,as I have informed all the stakeholders which are playing a blind eye.
Eventually ,these alleged frauds will be proven in court and unveiled to media.
It is very unfortunate to find out that a higher education course validated and aproved for funding by the state as subdegree law course has actually a null value with no perspective of achievement and even more unfortunate and equally dangerously to affirm that an old law non regulated provision outside the national framework is equivalent to a law degree ( by just changing the credits from 96 to 240 credits overnight), ignoring all the legislation .

Yours sincerely,

Emilia Alexe

privacy, General Council of the Bar

Dear Emilia Alexe

I apologise for the delay in replying.

As I informed you before, this is not a Freedom of Information request, as you are not asking for recorded information, but I have been able to get the following comments on the points you raise:

* As previously advised, the BSB requirement for a Qualifying Law Degree ceases for courses commencing from 2020. We are therefore no longer keeping lists of QLD providers.

* The SRA keeps lists of QLD providers as their requirement for a QLD will continue for longer than ours.

* The earliest note we have of the Staffordshire HND is from 2011 but we would recommend checking with the SRA to see if they have anything earlier. As previously advised, the HND is not in itself a Qualifying Law Degree.

* Even before the Future Bar Training reforms and the removal of our regulatory interest in the QLD, we never had any regulatory oversight of the institutions providing law degrees or GDLs.

* Any dispute with the providers of QLDs, GDLs, or HNDs that may be taken prior to a QLD would need to be taken up with the institutions concerned.

Yours sincerely

Hilary Pook
Data Protection Officer
The Bar Council
289-293 High Holborn
London WC1V 7HZ
Direct Line: 020 7611 1398
Switchboard: 020 7242 0082

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Dear privacy,
Dear Hillary Pook,
Thank you very much indeed for your response.
You might not longer keeping list with the QLD Law providers, however, I am in possesion of a list of QLD providers updated by the Bar in 2015.

HND Law it not might not be considered a degree by itself, however, as you said when it is a course preparatory to degree subject to top up,it is eventually considered to be a degree.
However,if the Bar did not considered the qualification as a QLD ,why the Bar has listed this HND Law in Stadforshire University as one? You have avoided this question.
You have said that 2011 is the earliest note you have for this HND Law.
I am aware about the changes,however, there are solid evidences showing this course to be an old customised non regulated provision ( nothing to do with higher education) but it was registered with a recognised learning aim and delivered as subdegree in a certain college and apparently under Pearson agreetment by Stadforshire University.
I was defrauded on day light. Students are defrauded on day light.Students applying through UCAS for undergraduate financial support for courses validated and granted by the state,just to find out at the very end that the awards have no academic credentials or any meaning of achievement.
There are many HND 'a courses out there frauded in the same manner by Pearson ,however, when it comes to Law is gross; therefore, I do believe that you have compelling reasons to lunch an investigations and report the issue further, hence the academic teaching for a degree Law course is jeopardised at this extend.

The case is not yet proven in court,but it will be and soon it will come to media atention.
I have already took the dispute with the providers you aformentioned .Since there are clear and convincing evidences of coruption within Department of Further Education in their attempt to cover a Ponzi Scheme , all disputes turned out to be useless,therefore ,another approach is needed to achieve the accountability for this malicitios and uterly dangerous practices.
I thought that the Bar Board will be interested to hear that actually the HND listed in your list ,atleast fo 5 years can potentially be a fraud and therefore need to be investigated.
This is not just a fraud degree, a fraud in higher education ; it is a mockery of the justice system itself.
In the college I have enrolled for and in Stadforshire University( we are talking about the same course),lawyers and baristers have acted as lecturers,therefore,it is unlikely for them not to notice that the framework of the course had nothing to do with the teaching at an academic level 5 in Law.
The most interesting part is the fact that, in one institution the course is claimed to be outside the national framework and in another appeared listed as QLD.
You are not interested on these aspects.?You are not keen to find out how this could happened and you have been provided misleading informations?
Listing a course as QLD when is not ,regardless who responsability was in providing these inaccurate informations to the Bar it implies further assurance for a future Law student.
So yes,it is a serious matter and it should be treated as such.Apparently the Bar Board has no regard for a fact that the degree in law is stained and devalued
I guess that we have to wait and see what the implications are for all these institutions I have informed but refused to act.

Yours sincerely,

Emilia Alexe