Dear Her Majesty’s Courts and the Tribunals Service,

With the disclosure that HHJ Mark Furness was writing to statutory agencies when he felt their practice was unfair or risk to welfare of children.

Please provide a copy of any letters he may have sent to Swansea Social services/Swansea Council expressing concern over the poor quality of their work following a four day [private law] hearing ending on 16 July 2004 before him where social services had been supporting the Mother.

Such matters that were raised or disclosed before him were;

1. Poor record keeping.

2. Poor practice [ eg no chronology on files]

3. Several Laming Report [2003] failures;

• Not investigating matters properly [including concerns raised by the Father and false allegations by the Mother].

• Not referring criminal/suspected criminal actions to the police [eg locking children home alone].

4. Social Services deciding to stop contact with the father without a court order [having taken over the decision making process from the Family Court], without informing the father.

5. Withholding information from the court and the father, for example locking the children home alone.

6. Even though they were not a party, accessing documents from the court file and passing information to the court behind the back of father [this came to light subsequently but appears to have been a longstanding practice].

Please provide any information in electronic format.


Yours faithfully,

Gwynne Davies

Carr, Simon,

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