Historical War Office Documents - S.O.E missions 1942

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Dear Ministry of Defence,

I am currently conducting research at the National Archives in Kew on the Second World War and Franco-British Relations.

I recently consulted War Office records pertaining to S.O.E operations in North Africa which were recently declassified.

In WO106 5199, a note was left that “Letter P/2527 DATED 7.2.41 RETAINED UNDER SECTION 3(4) ON 17/4/1997”.

The staff at the National Archives advised me to contact the department which retained the document, which would now be the Ministry of Defence, to find out if it would be possible to access this document.

I would be very grateful to even see this document to take notes, even if photographs were not permitted for example.

Yours faithfully,
Daniel Baker
King’s College London

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