Historical review of errors in order that lessons can be learned from them

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership,

Last month, I have received a copy of a Coroner's Report into the death of a vulnerable mother of two children in March 2004.

There does not seem to be anything on the Partnership websites about whether there are routes that concerned members of the public can take if they wish to progress an historical review into the death of Mother in 2004.

The learning curve for the Partnership would be in the review of how a young children were let down by the system and continue to be the victim of that maladministration and cover-up in their adulthood.

I am not asking you to consider an individual case in this FOIA; my enquiry is centred on your procedures for considering an historical review of how the schools, social services, the police, Coroner's Office and the NHS, just to name a few, seemed to have let down too many traumatised children in 2004.


A) What protocols and routes of enquiry do you provide to those members of the public who have identified a coverup of service delivery failures between "Council Tax partnerships" between 2004 and 2017?

B) Where and how can an historical review be progressed if there is such a format for progressing a fit for purpose historical review?

C) What strategies are in place for this partnership to best review errors and maladministration by the joint services of the police, NHS, ambulance paramedics, GP's, Manchester Education Department, the Coroner's Office and Manchester Social Services?

D) Are The Nolan Principles at the heart of your organisation and if so, demonstrate in your answer HOW those principles are adhered to in the Partnership?

Please adhere to the Nolan Principles on here and please do not provide links as the provision of links to data will be unacceptable for this FOI made under UK data law.

Yours faithfully,

Fiona Watts


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