Historic sex crimes and abuse in the Civil Service.

Caroline Airley made this Freedom of Information request to Cabinet Office

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Dear Cabinet Office,

This request relates to investigations undertaken internally following complaints and allegations of criminal acts and misconduct by Civil Servants in the past, plus in recent times. The nature of complaints and allegations to comprise sexual misconduct and crimes against other Civil Servants of all grades.

Please provide information for all years covered by the FOI Act as follows;

1) How many internal investigations were undertaken by departments in relation to allegations and complaints made for all years covered by the FOI Act?

2) How many Civil Servants were dismissed, or subject to disciplinary action, as a result of these investigations?

3) Were any Civil Servants subject of more than one complaint, or allegation? What steps were taken to ensure safety of staff if this was the case? For all years covered by the FOI Act.

4) Were any Civil Servants accused of violence, fraud, demanding money with menaces, or deception?

5)How many cases were completed and no action taken against the person under investigation.

This request is being made in view of a former Inspector of Taxes who preyed on women for years. His conduct included criminal offences towards women of a sexual nature, plus violence to women, demanding money with menaces and deception. Despite there being ample evidence available, he was allowed to continue in his criminal conduct for years with the result that numerous women suffered the consequences. When one complaint was investigated internally the Investigating officer told the complainant, "This isn't the first time this has happened but now it has been decided something must be done". Despite being subjected to sexual conduct of a criminal nature, violence and having been coerced into parting with money, the complainant was later subjected to harassment by her employing department. The perpetrator was demoted to a lower grade and had a disciplinary transfer. This was unacceptable then and now. It is known that many men engaged in criminal offences of a sexual nature and were allowed to behave like this without censure.

Yours faithfully,

Caroline Airley

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This is a matter which needs to be investigated given the number of women who were subjected to all manner of crimes and abuse of a sexual nature who worked in the Civil Service over the years. There is specific information on one Tax Inspector by the name of Frederick John Bowers who worked in Chester and abused women over a long period of years. This was in the knowledge of the then Board of Inland Revenue who allowed him to continue in these activities for years without censure.

FOI Team Mailbox, Cabinet Office

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