Hired Gun?

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Lord Woolf expressed concerns about the lack of impartiality of experts, or what has been called ‘hired gun syndrome. An expert whose opinions are not independent and impartial but are easily adapted to the requirements of the party that employs them.

You state in various FOI's that Atos carry out independent assessments. As Atos are not independent, having commercial interests with the DWP, advising on the legislation, providing training for DM's, having no security of tenure and so a desire to please their masters etc. there is a distinct appearance of bias in the decision making process.

With regard to procedures or guidance

1) What measures are taken by the DWP to ensure that there is no undue influence by your contractor which could infect the decision making, and what measures are taken to avoid this appearance of bias.

2) Whilst the DM has a duty to ensure that the evidence being taken into account is correct, what measures are taken to ensure that the evidence being presented by their contractor including that used to complete the medical report, is accurate, up to date and relevant, taking into account the possibility of bias.

3) What measures are taken to ensure that the procedures being carried out are used to meet the requirements of legislation as opposed to the commercial interests of their contractor.

e.g. the use of unrecognised and unregulated disability analyst procedures, or the use of LIMA whereby the evidence is not known on which the facts and opinions are based, or the use of a Prognosis which could increase financial turnover, (again taking into account the possibility of bias).

Yours faithfully,

B. Adams

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Dear Mr Adams

Please see your FOI response attached

Kind regards

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Jetset Willy left an annotation ()

"Healthcare Professionals (HCP) are required to produce a report,which states their own clinical opinion of the effects of a claimant’s illness"

How can a Nurse give any clinical opinion? especially on such severe disablements such as Degenerative conditions.
It is an opinion, yes but not a 'clinical opinion' surely

B. Adams left an annotation ()

True Jetset, clinical opinions, diagnosis and prognosis are not within the scope of most nurses.. They must also remain within their own competency and not attempt to give opinions outside their area of expertise..

John Slater left an annotation ()

Sadly we are now in a world where nurses and physios are allowed to have clinical opinions because it says so on a piece of paper (regulations). The matter of whether they actually have the skills, knowledge or competence is irrelevant.